Here’s What I Do Every Morning

by Mark Ivar Myhre on December 22, 2006

Today I want to briefly tell you about a simple action that can instantly make you feel better.

I practice this myself – usually when I first wake up in the morning – but also sometimes during the day, whenever I find myself getting a little tired. Or if I need an energy boost.

If you’re depressed, then you REALLY need to be doing this!

It’s similar to a technique that’s been around for a while here in the States.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig.  He started a program that involves tapping 14 very specific points on the human body as a way to relieve, well, just about anything and everything you could imagine.

His program is an offshoot of Roger Callahan’s – the California man who first started the procedure.  (Here in America, anyway.)

I could go on and on about these two men and their programs, but you can easily ‘google’ them if you want to learn more.

Besides, the way I do the ‘tapping’ really has nothing to do with them or their technique.  I learned it from a Korean yoga master who told me that millions of Orientals have been doing it for thousand of years.

I compare it with drinking a cup of coffee.  Without any unpleasant side effects whatsoever.

It can give you a temporary boost.  You will feel better.   But it’s not going to end your problems for you.  Sorry.

It can, however, lift you out of a ‘blue mood’ or a fearful mood or a lethargic state. At least for a while.   It can make you more energetic.  Happier.  Clear-headed.

See, what I do is designed to temporarily help me feel better – more alert – more lively – happier.  And from THAT place, then I’m more able to function to do other activities.

Think ‘cup of coffee’ type benefit.

So what do you do exactly?

Well, with Callahan and Craig, you would tap a few very specific points on your face and other areas of the body.  In a very specific sequence.

But here’s how I do it:

I tap every square inch of my body that I can reach that isn’t too sensitive to be tapped.

Starting with the top of my head, I tap all over my skull.  Then I tap all over my face.  Then the back of my head, the sides, the ears.   Every point that’s not overly sensitive gets hit.

Tapping not too hard; not too soft.

Then I tap the back of my neck.

Then I do each arm.

Generally, I’ll use all four fingertips on my face and neck, while I’ll tap my arms and legs and body by either cupping my hands or making a fist.

I go all the way down to my feet.  Every point I can reach with my hands – I tap it.

The whole procedure takes about five to ten minutes – about the same time as it takes to drink a cup of coffee.  (Although you can run through it quicker if you wish.)

I often start when I first wake up in the morning – tapping my face, arms, chest and neck.  Whatever I can reach without too much stretching or effort.  (Of course, I also stretch out in the morning as well as doing this tapping.)

As a way to wake up and get moving.

I also do it sporadically throughout the day, as the situation warrants.

I generally will do it if I’m feeling a little tired for an energy boost.  Or perhaps when I’m taking a break – like taking a ‘stretch break’.

But you could also try it to feel better emotionally and physically and mentally.  It almost always makes me feel at least a little bit better.

Think it might help you feel better?   There’s only one way to find out!  I compare it’s effects to stretching out the body – sort of like doing yoga.

Some people seem to benefit much more from yoga than others.   Generally, I’d say it depends greatly on your mindset.

If you WANT yoga to help you, it will.

Same here.   If you want to feel better by tapping all over your body, you will.

If you want to prove it’s worthless, I suppose you could do that as well.   (Although you might want to look at WHY you’d want to prove such a thing!)

The point being – your mindset can override just about anything in the world.

Whatever you expect, and whatever you want to prove – is usually what happens to you.

I believe something happens when you tap yourself all over your body.  Something beyond the placebo effect.  It gets the blood flowing.

It does ‘stir up’ the stagnant energy.

You really do have meridians of energy running throughout your body.  That energy does tend to form blockages in the living of life.

Tapping activates those lines of energy.

It’s not likely to solve your problems, but it can help you feel better.  Consider it a form of tap dancing!!

It does seem to temporarily neutralize whatever emotional distress you may be feeling at the moment.

I recommend you give it a try.  Especially if you suffer from depression or anxiety or any other emotional issue.

Whether it really can end your problems for good, well, that’s for you to decide…

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