Don’t Bury Pain

by Mark Ivar Myhre on January 23, 2007

The first old man started shaking – you could see
the fear in his eyes and on his face, even after all
those decades. Even after his tormentors had long
since faded away.

The second old man began to softly cry. The grief
was too much for him. Could you blame him?
After what he’d been through, who wouldn’t cry?

The third man seemed aloof and distant. Soon his
anger and bitterness showed through. He said he
felt entitled after his days in the camp.

He was referring to the Nazi death camp. These
three men were survivors who agreed to be
interviewed for a TV news special.

As teenagers they lived through it. Now, in their
80’s – they’re still living through it.

For sixty years they’ve carried the pain around
with them. Can you blame them?

Of course not.

But a better question to ask – Can you help them?

Each one will likely be holding onto his pain until
the day he dies.

So no, you can’t help them.

What about you? What are you holding on to?

The real question to ask – Can you help yourself?

You’ve had your own trauma in the living of life.
Most likely it wasn’t as severe as enduring Nazi
brutality. Watching your entire family die
senselessly while you were carted off to a labor

But to you – your trauma certainly ranks as painful
enough. You’ve endured your own private prison
of pain.

Those three men already carried their pain for six
decades. And if they lived another six decades,
they’d probably keep on carrying it just as much.

The pain sticks with you unless you take conscious
steps to end it.

Trying to bury your pain to make it go away is like
planting seeds of pain.

Pain doesn’t go away by itself. In fact, it’s tendency
is to grow and spread. If you don’t deal with your
pain, it will grow worse.

How long have you been carrying your pain of the
past? How many decades?

Sure, you can try to cover it up. Bury it like a

But it still haunts. Sometimes it confronts. Other
times it seems to attack. It’s always in the
background. But it never really goes away, does

It really takes forgiveness.

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