Principles Of Chauvinism

by Mark Ivar Myhre on February 23, 2007

Our society functions within a set of unspoken principles.

We live within this ‘set’ the way fish live in the sea.

In other words, we can hardly imagine it being any different
than the way it is now.

Fish – if they imagine anything at all – could not imagine
a life where they don’t live in the water.

Their ‘set’ is all they know.

Just like us. We live within a set also. We live within
our own ocean that appears invisible to us.

A fancy word for this ocean is ‘paradigm’.

Our current paradigm relies heavily upon these principles
of chauvinism:

1. We live in a world of lack and limitation. There are only so
many slices of pie, and your job is to get as much pie as
you can.

2. Value comes from how well you compete and compare in a
competitive world. If you haven’t struggled then you possess
less value.

3. Power equals domination and control. If you don’t dominate
the other person, they will dominate you.

4. Don’t feel your feelings no matter what you do. It starts
by believing some feelings are good, and other feelings are bad.
This paves the way for not feeling at all.

5. Your options are limited. You only have so many choices, and
they fall mostly within the categories of fight, flight, feed or

6. There exists an outside authority. Someone other than you has
the power – and you job is to submit or fight for your own power.

7. We live in win-lose reality and your job is to win. For every
winner there must be a loser. It’s a ‘zero-sum’ game.

It’s hard to imagine a life that doesn’t conform to these
seven principles of chauvinism.

These principles come from the natural world – in other
words, from nature.

Nature is incredibly chauvinistic.

The big fish really do eat the little fish. They function
by instinct.

When your only choice is instinct, it works okay.

But the problem with humans living in chauvinism is
that eventually we destroy ourselves.

It’s a self-destructive energy when you add humans to
the equation.

Maybe you’ve noticed.

As human beings evolve, a new paradigm becomes
possible. A paradigm of conscious choice rather than
of instinct.

A paradigm of dominion rather than domination.

The way I see it, one of our goals in life lies with
changing the paradigm of chauvinism to something more.

It starts with imagining how things COULD BE – instead
of just imagining how things appear.

Can you imagine a world of love and peace? If not, why

If you CAN imagine a world of love and peace, DO you?

Your imagination stands as your most important tool.

Changing the world starts with changing what you imagine.

Whom do you imagine is more evolved, Mike Tyson or
Mahatma Gandhi?

That’s a trick question.

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Dazzled Beader Designs June 13, 2009 at 1:29 am

I imagine Gandhi is more evolved. 🙂

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