Feeling Powerlessness

by Mark Ivar Myhre on August 16, 2007

Power often stands as a mystery – a misunderstood phenomenon. We often think power means ‘power over’ – which really amounts to manipulation or intimidation or coercion or outright brute force.

True power has nothing to do with anything outside yourself. It comes from within. How it’s expressed, well, that’s a completely different issue.

If you want to become more powerful, it’s a fairly simple and straightforward process. It involves doing something in the privacy of your own home. With your eyes closed.

Before I tell you one of the easiest and quickest way to become more powerful, I must warn you. No, not that you’ll become TOO powerful! That’s not possible.

No, the danger is you’ll dismiss what I’m saying without giving it an honest try. Because it runs contrary to everything you’ve ever been taught and conditioned to believe. That’s the danger: that you won’t give it an honest try.

There’s various ways you can become powerful. Power comes from thinking and feeling. The better you think; the better you feel; the more powerful you become. Absolutely. 100% of the time. Because of the raw, virgin energy that’s constantly and continuously flowing into you every moment of every second of every minute of every day.

This raw energy becomes the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel. When everything works as it’s designed – when everythings in sync – you live your power.

When you really understand that… you can have all the power you want. But those are just empty words right now. So let me tell you the secret to becoming more powerful – quickly and easily.

Promise not to laugh? Okay, here it is:

You must feel your own feelings of powerlessness. Feel them as cleanly, as strongly, as focused, as you can. That’s it.

You promised not to laugh, remember?

If you feel your powerlessness, something magical happens The powerlessness goes away! See, it’s not a matter of doing something to become more powerful. You have an endless stream of energy flowing into you all the time. You have access to ALL the power you could possibly ever stand. And then some.

So it’s not a matter of BECOMING powerful. Rather, it’s a matter of STOPPING becoming less powerful. Let go of the powerlessness and you will automatically become more powerful. You will.

The problem is, it can be difficult – seemingly impossible – to cleanly and honestly feel your own feelings of powerlessness. Try it. You’ll see. It takes practice and effort and careful focus. Hey, if it were easy, we’d all be powerful already!

It takes spiritual muscle to feel your own powerlessness.

I don’t know any other way to say it. Most people wouldn’t do it to save their lives. So they’ll die powerless.

If you don’t feel your own powerlessness, you’ll never let it go. Just like every other feeling in the world. You must bring the feelings closer. Stop dancing around them. Stop interpreting them. Feel them cleanly. In your body.

The reason it’s so difficult to feel our own powerlessness lies with our resistance to just ‘letting go’. We have a natural tendency to fight back, rather than cleanly feel our powerlessness. We ‘tense up’. Maybe not physically (although it could be that way too) but certainly mentally and even emotionally.

The urge to fight back, to defend ourselves, often overrides the efforts to let go into the feelings of powerlessness. Blame often stands in the way of feeling powerlessness. As well as righteousness. And of course pity and martyr and victimhood also distract us.

But perhaps the biggest reason: powerlessness creates rage. And who wants to feel their rage??

But if you cleanly feel your powerlessness one time – just one good time – then you’ll start seeking it out from then on. Because you can INSTANTLY feel more powerful. Every time you do it.

Powerlessness may be the most difficult feeling of all to just experience. To let it absorb cleanly into the body. To stop denying it and embrace it instead. It seems we have more resistance to feeling it than any other feeling.

But while feeling ANY feeling cleanly – bringing it into your body instead of spinning it around in your head – will make you at least a little more powerful, when you truly let your powerlessness into your gut, the results seem to be in a class of their own.

You’ll never know if you don’t try.


Anonymous August 25, 2007 at 2:22 pm

Why not write example(s) of how to do this. For example… I feel powerless dealing with my brother. He's angry, agressive and a scary person. But I have to interact with him at least once a week, as our mother is 89 and having mini-strokes, etc. He tries to undercut anything I do… and I DO feel pretty helpless to deal with him. The only way I now know is to manipulate him into thinking that my ideas are for his benefit. So, tell me, Mark, how do I 'feel' … REALLY 'feel' my powerlessness in this situation?

ivar August 28, 2007 at 8:24 pm

Well, the way to feel your powerlessness is the same way you feel ANYthing.

I understand it can be a little tricky because we keep wanting to 'tense up' and feel something else.

It's hard to really let go and feel powerlessness, (or to feel most anything, for that matter!)

And trying to teach it is like trying to teach someone how to blink their eyes.

I will be writing about this a lot more, but the first thing is to truly give yourself permission to feel ALL your feelings. Giving yourself permission – and truly meaning it – is one way to start changing the negative programming we all seem to have about our feelings.

With powerlessness, it's like trying to go down a shaft or a tunnel without touching the sides.

The powerlessness lies at the end of the shaft, but if we touch the sides then we go into blame, righteousness, etc. etc. etc.

And it's HARD to go down that tunnel all the way to the powerlessness.

I'll write more on this later.

graced September 4, 2007 at 4:27 pm

Hi Mark! I often feel spiritually powerless. In fact I seemed to have a spirtual crisis on Sunday night. Because of an abusive childhood and marriage, I can't GET love. So I can't trust my God and I so desperately want to. Being in the thick of it, I can't see but I wonder if God wants me to feel the powerlessness, which I did Sunday. I felt incredible rage in this and even tho' I could not stop the flow of 'words' I had towards God, I had feelings of terror that He would let me 'go.' Yes feeling powerless is hard. Thanks for the article

Mary September 5, 2007 at 12:46 am

Hi Mark,
At first when I read your article I was …. well, I was thinking I AM POWERLESSS; than during the day, it stay inside my heart, abd my mind, kind off
Powerlessness is unconfortablee at first. Take a sip of coffee or anything else, and list all the things: that frustration, limitations, all the why me, the pattern of your life, and analyze them. from different angle. Hum?
Ha ha the light bulbe moment!
Love to read some more


raywynme@shaw.ca September 5, 2007 at 7:08 pm

Hi Mark – well said… I love your work and hope we can link your website to my new website – now up and running. Blessings Raywyn M.E.

Anonymous June 29, 2008 at 7:10 am


Just wanted to comment that a lot of what Mark is talking about is similar to the Sedona Method and Release Technique founded by Lester Levenson. He was an engineer, who aquired Enlightenment in 1952 by using this type of technique of feeling and then letting go of all unwanted emotions. I am sure you can find a lot of information about in on the Internet about him and about the methods, even on Youtube.
So, yeah, just check them out, and you shall see the similarity between those methods and what Mark is talking about here.


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