How To Get More Love

by Mark Ivar Myhre on October 21, 2007

Everybody wants more love. Everybody. Even though many people would disagree with that statement:

“Not me! I’ve been hurt too many times. I’ll NEVER love again!”

But that’s a temporary stance. (Even if it lasts for the rest of a lifetime…. since a lifetime is so temporary.)

Sadly, many people hold onto the belief of ‘love = pain’ no matter how painful it becomes.

Every human heart longs for love. While so many human minds convince themselves love = pain.

They end up in the yawn. The stretch – the separation – of heart and head. Which only increases the pain.

It begins with faulty assumptions about love. It ends, sadly, all-to-often, with death. Most people would rather die than to question their assumptions. And many people do. Many more will…

One faulty assumption: I must get my love from some outside source. The love I want is somewhere ‘out there’ and my job is to get it, by hook or by crook. I must squeeze the worldly turnip until it gives me the blood of love.

You can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip. You can’t squeeze love out of the world. It’s impossible. It’s so sad to see people try. I’ve been as guilty as anybody. Thank God I learned the truth.

Everything you experience comes from ESSENCE. Part of essence – the easiest part to work with (from my experience) – is the wellspring of emotion that continuously bubbles up inside of you.

The wellspring flows all the time. Bringing you everything you could ever want or need – and more. Want more love? Need more love? Go to the source.

Unfortunately, nobody knows about this wellspring. Nobody talks about it. It’s not on the evening news. There are no government proclamations. There is no National Feel Your Wellspring Day.

Too bad.

When I first discovered my wellspring – it seemed so far away; so elusive; so hard to get to and experience and work with.

Now I’m living in it a good bit of the time. It keeps becoming more and more real to me.

I learned a few things about love. I learned I can never manipulate love out of the world. Love comes from the wellspring. I learned the easiest way to get love is to give away the love I currently feel.

At first I made it tricky. Because I was still trying to manipulate. My desire wasn’t clean.

“I’ll give love so they (whoever ‘they’ are) will give ME love.”

I was still trying to get love from the world because, frankly, I just didn’t value myself. I didn’t honestly believe I was capable of tapping into an infinite supply of love.

I didn’t believe an infinite source of love could possibly be sourced inside of me.

It seemed too good to be true. Instead…

“I must struggle to get love.”

What a sad lie. I’m still not exactly sure what turned things around for me. I guess it was a stubborn tenacity. I was determined to make that wellspring more real.

I had to feel a lot of pain – letting it flow through me – before I found the love. (I was already in a lot of pain. Letting it flow was no more painful. Just different.)

The more I became an open vessel… the less I restricted the flow… the easier it became to feel the love.

The way to ‘get’ more love involves being like a light bulb. I used to try to squeeze light out of a dark room. I could’ve just turned on the light switch. Let the flow of love come from the source – like electricity through a wire.

Electricity flows. When it encounters resistance such as the filament of a light bulb, it changes into light. The energy changes.

The wellspring flows into me. I am a form of ‘resistance’. Not in a limiting way, but in a physics way. It’s physics. And I light up like a light bulb. Maybe I’m happy. Maybe I’m sad. Maybe I’m scared. Maybe I’m mad. Doesn’t matter. As long as it’s flowing.

As long as I don’t change the natural resistance – that my very existence creates.

Of course I often do add to the natural resistance. I still tell myself stories.

The world is a mirror. Sometimes I still blame my reflection (the world I perceive) for what’s happening. Fortunately, I usually catch myself. I can laugh at my lies. Then I can get back to what’s real:

Working on being an open pathway for the flow of energy (which I call the wellspring of emotion) so I can more easily pick and choose what I want to experience.

It’s all in the wellspring. It all comes from the wellspring.

I explain it more in the free e-book on emotional healing.

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Anonymous June 10, 2009 at 9:29 pm

Thanks for this. I really really want love that can't just go off and sleep with another woman and tell me I'm no good. I want love that can never be taken from me.

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