Your Future Self

by Mark Ivar Myhre on October 14, 2007

You have a future self who’s more real than you.

It thinks different thoughts from you.

It feels different feelings from you.

It knows you better than you know yourself. It knows what’s best for you.

It knows what you deny. It knows what you believe. It knows what you assume. It knows you inside and out. And it loves you more than you love yourself.

It thinks about you a lot. It loves you unconditionally. It’s more real than you. It will help you if you let it.

Some people will read these words and say that’s ridiculous. The future hasn’t happened yet. I can’t possibly have a future self who’s more real than I.

Others will embrace the concept wholeheartedly. “Wow! That’s incredible! I can’t wait to meet MY future self!”

And more people will probably rest in the middle. Open-minded skepticism. You’re the ones I’m targeting.

Because if you already believe it, I don’t have to convince you. When I say the future is more real than the present, somewhere inside it rings true. And when I say you have a future self – the YOU that you are becoming – it doesn’t scare you. You embrace the concept.

But what if you’re not sure? Maybe it’s true; maybe it’s not. I’d say look at it this way: it doesn’t really matter at this point. You can use it as powerful technique even if it’s only in your head. You can pretend you have a future self that wants to help you. And hopefully, some day it will be more than a technique.

What if a pipeline from the future really exists? Wouldn’t that be nice? Then you could work with it. To give you what you want.

You can pretend it’s just a technique and you’ll still get the benefit: a life more suited to what you want.

Your future contains a range of possibilities. A range; from the most wonderfully expansive that could possibly happen to you, to the most painfully restrictive you could possibly imagine.

Your future self is like a composite of all possible futures.

Luckily for you, it wants you to have the best.

Here’s how to start working with it:

Remember when you were a kid, and you had an imaginary friend? You understand the concept, even if you didn’t play that game….

For me personally, I used to pretend I was explaining to alien life forms how our society functioned. (Don’t get me started on that….!)

Anyway, you can imagine you have a future self right now.

If you did have a future self, what would it look like? What clothes would it wear? How old would it be? (Mine sometimes appears younger than I am. Go figure.)

Get an image in mind. Also, when you’re in your ‘quiet time’ – why not invite it into your space? You could just lie in bed, close your eyes, relax, and imagine it. That may be the simplest way. Or, you could ‘officially’ go into an altered state of consciousness; perhaps by meditating.

Remember in the book, “Think And Grow Rich” where the author spoke of creating a ‘mastermind’ group? You could follow that technique, and start with your future self as the first member of the group.

The important thing is to be relaxed and focused and in a quiet space. And INTEND to bring your future self closer to you. Ask for your most-positive future self to come to you and help you.

Once you’re quiet and relaxed and focused and you’ve invited in your future self, you could start by just sitting with it and ask it to send you love or good energy or whatever feeling you’d like to feel. Then pretend you really do have a future self and it really is sending you love.

Spend a few minutes just trying to feel its presence. Once you begin to feel something, you can then ask it questions. Don’t be surprised if you actually hear a response. (But in the beginning, most likely you’ll just get a gut feeling, or maybe an image will come to mind.)

Work on intensely creating a vision of the future self you’d LIKE to have – the ‘you’ that you’d like to become. And imagine you’ve got a future self who’s intensely working to connect with you at the same time.

The more you practice, the stronger the image becomes.

I’ve been doing this for almost a decade. Whether it’s real or not, my future self has gotten me through some really tough times, as I focused on what I wanted to be in the future.

Imagining a future self gave me a POINT OF FOCUS.

So in a way, it doesn’t matter whether you ‘really’ do have a future self or not. Even by keeping it as just a technique, you can benefit.

It can be a powerful extension of the classic ‘visualize what you want’.

Try it.

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Michelle Casto January 9, 2008 at 1:17 pm


One of my favorite meditations to take my coaching clients through is their future self!

It's a part of us, and can be called upon whenever we need it. So glad to see this post.

Keep shining,
Dr. Michelle

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