Will Your Product Help Me?

by Mark Ivar Myhre on December 3, 2007


I get this question on a regular basis. Or rather, “How do I KNOW your product will help me? How can you prove it?”

It’s an interesting question. In the create reality e-book, I refer to it as one of the many ‘payoffs’ that people often take. I use this example in the e-book: “I’m not going to open my eyes until you prove to me there’s a beautiful sunset.”

Case closed. You win. Because it’s impossible to prove you will benefit whatsoever. Maybe you’re colorblind. Maybe you can’t see color at all, and the sky will only reveal shades of gray.

I guess I could start asking the asker: “How do I know you’re going to apply my material? Prove to me you’ll give this your best shot, then I’ll let you buy it.”

I remember one time I did send letter after letter of praise from buyers – to someone who asked for proof. And I’m sure you can imagine the rest of that story: he never bought anything. I presume he’s still wandering cyberspace – kicking other electronic tires…

Of course, it’s certainly valuable to conduct your due diligence, by writing the author before you buy. I’ve been ripped off more times then I’d like to admit. For quite a bit of money, I might add.

Some slick salesmen will have excellent sales letters – filled with testimonials – and still sell junk products or services. I learned the hard way – a testimonial is no proof at all. With internet marketing products – so many of those ‘testimonials’ are incestuous. “You promote my scam, and I’ll promote yours.”

Even if a product does work for one person, there’s no guarantee and there’s no proof it will work for you. When I first started looking for answers to emotional healing, nothing worked for me. I eventually concluded everything was a rip-off.

I judged every product and technique as worthless. The key word: judged.

Judgments freeze. They lock things in place. They create rigid, unbending, inflexible outcomes. Because I didn’t really want to look at my own issues; I put my own evaluation – my own thoughts and feelings – into the deep freeze. Hiding them behind the ice cream and the frozen peas.

Then I got to blame! And blame is soooo much fun.

Plus, if I judge, then I don’t have to be responsible. Or rather, I don’t get to be responsible.

Because I finally got it through my thick skull – while blame is cheap, dirty fun; responsibility is clean, valuable fun. The most fun you can have in a human body comes from living a responsible life.

Now, today, if I were to go back and look at all the products and services I said were worthless – I could probably pick out the pearls of wisdom and value.

Sure, some products are 100% worthless. But they’re in the minority. Most contain some value. And some contain a lot. But if I’m intending to prove all self improvement products are rip-offs sold by conmen (because I don’t REALLY want to change – I just want to talk about it) then I will judge every product as worthless.

Which, if you think about it, takes an enormous amount of energy. It’s hard work proving a negative agenda.

It certainly leaves you powerless. You’re forced to give your power away.

It takes effort to keep the lies frozen in place. You have to keep remembering them. It takes energy to power the refrigeration. Unless you live at the North Pole.

Often times, it comes down to a determination – a rock-hard decision – to not be responsible for your life. Ironically, the conmen sucker you by saying you aren’t responsible and you don’t have to be responsible. “Just send me your money and your problems will be over.”

If you’re determined to not be responsible, you’ll be suckered again and again and again. Building up more and more resentment, but unwilling (and seemingly unable) to change.

Here’s what I say:

Go read my free e-book first. See if it makes sense. Read through some of the articles on this blog.

Get to know the flavor of what I’m offering. Then I won’t ask you to PROVE to me you’ll apply my materials before you make a purchase!

Bottom line:

Start taking back your power. Look for more and more areas of your life where you can be responsible. Love and accept yourself for who and what you are. And don’t forget to feel your feelings – cleanly.

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