Amazing Times

by Mark Ivar Myhre on January 16, 2008

I’ve gone through some amazing times these last ten years.

I went from being depressed and mopey and bitter and resentful and terrified out of my mind – to living a life I’m truly ecstatic about.

You know how it feels when you first wake up in the morning? At first you’re disoriented – thinking nothing – then all of a sudden you remember the life you’re living… and what you’ve got to deal with today.

You know that feeling?

Well, it wasn’t long ago that my first early morning feelings were ones of depression at the thought of having to face another day…

Interlaced with feelings of dread – at all the unpleasant experiences that awaited me… all the things I didn’t want to deal with.

God, did I want to go back to sleep!

Most days I did. (I’m not exactly known for keeping a job…)

My life was just plain miserable. Like a sponge cake filled with razor blades. Empty. Fluffy. No substance. But with every bite, the potential for intense pain. Which created a lot of fear…

And there really was no simple answer. Oh, there’s plenty of people selling simple answers. I was suckered time and time and time again.

No huckster ever went broke underestimating my intense desire to find a simple answer – one that required no responsibility on my part.

My own bitterness created many bitter experiences of being suckered and scammed. But something in me wouldn’t let up.

I knew I had a destiny.

I was going to find it if it killed me.

My first real breakthrough came when I found a way to start releasing the mountain of pain I’d been wheelbarrowing around my whole life.

It all started one night as I was laying on my raggedy old couch, feeling sorry for myself. I was zoning off to sleep, when I felt the sensation of someone or something grab me by the ankles and start dragging me along some invisible pathway. (Yes, that makes me crazy… but still, it happened!)

Later I realized it was my subconscious self. (Whom I’d been working with quite a bit at the time; even back then.) It dragged me to the foot of a mountain.

At this point, I went along with the vision – or the dream – or the meditation – whatever you want to call it – because I knew something BIG was about to happen.

Well, that mountain was a mountain of my unresolved pain. And I conquered it.

You can get the inside scoop here

The next big breakthrough came when I really ‘got it’ how critically important forgiveness is. Not just to release the pain of the past, or the obsessive thoughts, but how necessary it is for changing myself and my life.

“Nothing changes until you do.”

Those are just words when you don’t have the power – the force – the magic of forgiveness – working for you.

I learned it can lift me up – like an ocean wave – and carry me to freedom. Freedom from everything I don’t want. And freedom to have whatever I do want.

Forgiveness = Freedom

I’ll never forget the evening I discovered that fact. I was so excited I immediately sat down and wrote out a list of over 200 separate events I was going to forgive myself for!

Most of the items were a little silly and far-fetched and unnecessary. But 30 or 40 of them proved to be amazing.

Over the next few weeks I healed quite a bit.

Even my body felt healed. I became more flexible, more relaxed – calmer – even wiser. You can find out more here.

To this day, I still do the forgiveness technique. If I had to choose only one tool of emotional healing self-improvement, it would be this one.

I’ll never outgrow the need to forgive myself. Because I’m human. I make mistakes. And that’s okay.

The next big breakthrough came as I learned all the secrets of reality creation. I used to believe I lived in a random universe, where one billiard ball strikes another billiard ball which strikes another billiard ball….

A world of chance. Blind luck. Random. Chaotic. And always frightening – because I had no control.

Now I look back and shake my head. How could I have been so blind? The answers were always there. And I don’t mean all the ‘secrets’ books. I wasn’t interested in one-dimensional answers.

I wanted the complete truth, not a sound-byte.

With help, I identified the 19 core energies that create my reality. Yes, thoughts are one of the 19. But there’s 18 more! All equally important. To elevate any one of these 19 above any of the others is, well… did you get your shiny new car just by thinking about it?

And there’s actually more than 19 energies that create your life. There’s dozens. But it reaches a point of diminishing return. We’ve only got so many hours in the day!

To find out all the details of these 19, go here.

Just as important, you can learn how to strengthen those 19 core energies. Has anyone told you how to think better? You might want to take a look.

After learning about reality creation, well jeez, how could it get any better? Isn’t that the ultimate; the end-all; the last self-improvement info you’ll ever need?

Yes and no.

Yes, it’s pretty impressive. If you apply the information. It provides a solid foundation so you’ll know exactly what to do to start creating the reality you want. But it doesn’t specifically address depression. I do that here.

And it doesn’t go into depth about fear and panic and anxiety.

See, I was still scared. Even after I learned all this ‘reality creation stuff’. I couldn’t shake the fear. That really bugged me.

I remember manifesting things and getting so scared, that I wouldn’t even try to do it again. Sometimes for months on end.

That’s kinda dumb. Like being too afraid to move into your brand new house.

Well, we can’t have that, can we?

So I began systematically studying fear. De-mystifying it. Breaking it apart and seeing how it’s put together. What I found out surprised me.

I discovered most of what I thought was fear, really wasn’t fear at all! It was imaginary; a product of endless fear stories.

So the first way to deal with fear is to get to what’s real.

I did that by ‘bleeding off’ the imaginary fears. Those are the ones that hurt so much.

Real fear is exhilarating. It’s a rush. Then it’s gone – as quickly as it came.

Imaginary fear drones on forever if you don’t bleed it off. It starts with faulty belief. It beats like a big drum.




The percussion of fear. At the core of fear lies a percussion that keeps on beating. Even once you bleed off your imaginary fears, you’re still left with that beating drum.

To conquer fear, you must stop that drum from beating. Because it’s cranking out fear – sometimes all day long. It’s fueling your fear.

Anxiety is different from fear. In many ways which I won’t get into here. Anxiety requires a completely different approach. Likewise with panic.

Too many people want to bundle up fear, panic and anxiety into one big problem. I found that by breaking apart the one problem into many smaller problems, I could then easily deal with each small one in a safe and convenient manner. And fairly quickly.

Plus, I got to see my progress each step of the way. That’s exciting!

I wrote out the whole process. No ‘warm milk at bedtime’. No fuzzy slippers. No fluff. Just eye-popping, step-by-step practical instructions.

Find out more here.

It took me from quivering jello to owning the heart of a Viking warrior. It’ll teach you to be a warrior too.

At the time, I felt that was my crowning achievement. Because while depression hurt… being too scared to deal with my life REALLY HURT. I used to be so scared. I couldn’t even be around other people, much less look them in the eye.

It’s hard to put into words how bad it was… how severely it limited my life.

To end the nightmare of fear was true ecstasy. It opened up whole new worlds.

From my new vantage point, I discovered yet one more BIG issue I’d been ignoring up till now: The ‘Wall of Separation’ I’d put around my heart.

The first clue something was up, came from looking at my own eyes. I saw pain even after all the work I’d done. My eyes hurt and they couldn’t hide the pain.

I finally traced the pain back to a wall that separated me from my heart.

I came to understand my pain was coming from the wall itself. Like a pain factory, that wall kept pumping out little packages of pain.

I thought I was protecting my heart. Once upon a time, maybe I was. But the wall had LONG outlived its usefulness. Now, it had become a source of pain. Sooooooo……

By going to the wall, and pulling it apart – brick by brick – I healed once again. My eyes quit hurting. My life improved. My freedom increased.

Best of all, I reclaimed the relationship with my heart. Removing the wall laid the foundation to allow my heart to once again sing.

Find out more here.

Which brings us up to modern times.

So what’s next?

Now I’m working on ways to help people streamline the healing process. That’s why I wrote the free e-book, the Emotional Healing Quick Start Guide.

If you don’t already have a copy, you can get one by going here.

And I have a few surprises coming up soon. Stay tuned. Or just throw money. Whatever you think is best…


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