How The World Works

by Mark Ivar Myhre on January 24, 2008

Ever wonder about why things are the way they are?

How does the world work?

How is reality created?

What does it mean to say we live in a free-will universe?

I was obsessed with these questions. All young people are. But the living of life demands more and more from us, and the questions gradually fade.

We don’t have time to figure this out. And the answers we do come up with, usually involve some sort of resignation. We resign ourselves to our fate.

“That’s just the way it is.”

As a teenager, I was so idealistic. I was going to live in a cave on a mountaintop; far, far away from all my high school classmates.

Just me, the mountain – and oh yeah – somehow I’d have to get a ham sandwich everyday. A bowl of grits would be nice in the morning, too. I was a little hazy on where the food would come from…

But the important thing was, I’d have the time to figure out the intricacies – the unknowns – of life.

I was obsessed with how life worked. Even if I had to be cold, damp and hungry!

Well of course my adolescent plans never made it past the architectural stage. The demands of life elbowed the questions of life right off the game board.

Besides, I could never find an answer that fit into the demands life placed upon me.

Soon, I’d forgotten all about trying to figure out the meaning of life, and focused on surviving life. What am I going to do to make money? How am I going to fit in?

How in the world can I possibly fit in with a society where I feel so different – so weird – so all alone… even when I’m around others?

Remember the book – Stranger In A Strange Land?

That was me. I felt like the last puzzle piece that just won’t fit into the last open space on the puzzle. A misfit. Something’s wrong with me and I have no idea what it is.

I was such a minimus. (The smallest, least significant one.)

I felt that way for decades.

All my dreams had long since abandoned me. Or maybe I abandoned them. When I looked at the road ahead of me, the future looked dark and dreary. More of the same. More of what I didn’t want.

I was waiting to die. As if, somehow, that would make things better.

I didn’t realize it then, but there’s always at least some little spark of something – some little part of every human… a seed maybe…

A Seed of Hope.

A seed of soul and spirit. Looking back, it may have been what kept me alive during the darkest moments. It may have been what led me to find some truly remarkable answers.

Many people have some sort of answer to make life work easier. Just go to any bookstore. Even football players have answers. The books are endless.

But how many fit into your life – like that last jigsaw puzzle piece?

Maybe I was lucky. I stumbled upon something that actually works for every human being.

It’s a set of functions. (For lack of a better word.) The Secret – the so-called ‘law of attraction’ – is one small part of this set of functions.

I finally realized; I didn’t have to go to the mountaintop.

Instead, the mountaintop came to me.


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