Changing A Belief Is Easy

by Mark Ivar Myhre on February 4, 2008

It’s easy to change one of your beliefs.

It’s like finding an old piece of paper with the belief written down on it… and ripping up the paper. And then writing out the new belief on a clean sheet of paper.

To help the new belief ‘stick’ – you want to change as few words as possible – preferably just one word – while creating a completely opposite meaning.

For example:

“I can never be happy.”

Could be changed to –

“I can always be happy.”

Of course, you first need to find that old belief.

I’ll tell you where it is. All beliefs reside in the subconscious mind. (Except for the unconscious beliefs. They’re in the unconscious. But you don’t need to worry about those.)

Your subconscious beliefs carry great importance. Beliefs determine – more than anything else – the quantity of your success. How much money you possess. How much happiness you feel. How much misery you go through.

How much of anything – is determined by your beliefs.

Beliefs also build the reality you see around you. Like a building block. A raw material. Like bricks or lumber or concrete.

Change your beliefs, and your reality changes around you. It has to. It has no choice.

If you go to your subconscious mind, and change your beliefs, you can change your life. You can easily demonstrate this to yourself if you wish.

I wrote out the whole process in the e-book How To Create Your Own Reality. Then, to make it as fool-proof as possible, I recorded it onto an audio file. In excruciating detail.

Maybe too much detail; but I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

However, even if you follow along with the audio file – listening as perfectly as you can – it can still not work. Why?

Because there’s a glue holding the belief in place. And the more you want or need to change it – the stronger the glue seems to be.

Changing a belief is easy.

Dealing with the glue can be tough.

See, you don’t really need to go to your subconscious mind to change a belief. It’s somewhat of a beginners technique.

It distracts you from the real technique – dealing with that glue!

I’m hoping you’ll be so distracted by focusing on the wonder of your subconscious that you’ll deal with the glue without really thinking about it. Sneaky guy that I am…

So what is this glue?

If you experience your life being limited in some way – you can be sure at least one belief lies behind it. Most likely, there’s a handful. Maybe more. Maybe less.

Belief always lies behind limitation.

It’s behind all fears that won’t end. In the e-book on reducing fears, I mention to really conquer fear, you must find the belief – or beliefs – fueling your fears.

It’s easy to bleed off fears. I devote the first few chapters of How To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety & End Panic on exactly how to do it.

But later in the e-book I explain why you must get in touch with, and change, the belief fueling your fears. Likewise, in any other area of your life, it’s so important to change limiting beliefs. But here’s the problem:

The glue holding the belief in place is painful. And you have to deal with the pain to change the belief.

Most people would rather live a life where they avoid brushing up against the pain. But that’s hardly possible.

You’d be much better off facing in head-on. Rip the Band-Aid off. Get it over with. You’ll be glad you did!

The glue consists of painful thoughts and painful feelings. Sourced in the past. Not random thoughts and feelings. Rather, specific ones; unique to each belief.

Oftentimes, the limiting belief will be like a precipitation, or a culmination, of some painful event from the past.

You experience a shameful childhood event. To make sense of it, you create belief to explain and justify the event. Unfortunately, as you create the belief, you dramatically increase the odds of the event happening again.

Oh, the form will be different. It won’t be mother or father doing it to you… but the end result will be the same: a perpetuation of the painful thoughts and feelings. Because they’re sticking like glue to the belief.

Behind every pain – you’ll find a faulty belief. (And you can take that to the bank.)

You don’t need to buy an e-book to deal with pain or to change a belief… but it helps.

No, what’s most important is to recognize what’s happening in your life right now. And be willing to face the pain head-on. Cause if you don’t, well, don’t expect the pain to go away.

That’s the ultimate ‘pain management’ technique.


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Cathy Elaine February 10, 2008 at 11:29 pm

I've never heard it put quite this way, but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.

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