Create A Vision

by Mark Ivar Myhre on March 11, 2008

One of the biggest problems when you’re lost in depression – or anxiety – or any number of unpleasant, painful feelings…

is that you just don’t have anything positive to look to – to grab hold of – to focus on.

You just don’t have a vision to inspire you.

I know what it’s like to be so lost; when you can’t see anything anywhere that looks good.  It all looks so bleak.

“What’s the use?”

You ask. With the inevitable answer:

“There is no use. There is no reason.”

Because there is no positive vision.

A vision is something you know to be true.

Which contrasts with a dream:  Something you wish to be true.

Both can inspire you. For now, lets look at vision.

A vision is a living image infused with feelings.

You already know how to create a dark vision.  It seems to come a little too easily.  Just look at practically every single science fiction movie set in the future.  All too often they involve pain, strife, struggle, suffering, destruction, evil, bleakness, darkness..

We all know how to create a dark vision.  And if we didn’t we could just go watch the new movie coming out next week!

Is a dark future vision more realistic?   Is it easier to create?

Many would say so.

I would say the dark vision simply gets more attention.

Certainly it’s been pounded into our heads – the unspoken message of society – that humans, by their very nature, are evil, sinister, bad and wrong. Left to our own devices… why, we’d kill each other off.

We’d kill each other off until no one is left.  Or, we’ll kill all the people who are different from us.   Or, we’ll destroy the planet; making it uninhabitable.  Hence the need for governments: to protect us from ourselves.

So of course a dark vision is the only realistic conclusion a reasonable intelligent person could come up with.

I disagree.  Even in the United States, the most war-loving nation in the history of the planet, most people are opposed to war.

But the only way to change things is if you and I both create a vision – a positive vision.   Not based on hiding our heads in the sand – pretending there is no suffering in the world.   Not being Pollyanna.

Humanity changes one person at a time; one human heart at a time.

It begins right here right now.  It starts by creating a vision; your personal vision.   Not a vision of world peace necessarily.  Not of saving the planet.

But it starts with a small, quiet simple vision.  Remember, a vision is something you KNOW.  Not something you wish would happen.

A vision starts with a single spark.

Like starting a fire in the woods when all you’ve got is a piece of flint and a piece of steel… and it’s getting cold and dark.  The sun’s going down…

What do you know?

You know you can strike the flint with the steel.

You know you can create a spark.

You know you’ve got a handful of tinder – that just maybe – can start to smolder and burn.

Your vision starts small.  Later it can grow as you feed it with your attention.  But first you find your spark.  Admittedly, that can be tough.

But if you’re alive – and I’m guessing you are – then you do have a spark to serve as the beginning of your vision.

It could be the remembrance of seeing a single act of random kindness between two strangers.  (A very powerful magical event, by the way.)

It could be the memory of happier days.  It could be the scent of a flower or the smile of a newborn.  Or any of a million other things.

Something that touches your heart; stirs your soul; awakens your spirit.

You can find your spark if you want to.  You can hold it in your hands and feed it and watch it grow.  You can place it in your heart.   It can be a living breathing energy that grows and changes and evolves.  Ever shifting.  Ever alive.

When you feel your best; when you need it the least; that’s the best time to work on it.

Or if you feel so lost – as I once did – when your whole world and your whole life looks gray… and heavy…

Then ask to receive a spark.

As you go to sleep at night ask for a spark to come to you in the morning when you awake.  Some tiny image or feeling or vision that INSPIRES you.   Something that, when you think of it, when you focus on it, it makes you feel better.

If you sincerely want it, you’ll most likely get it.  Even if it takes a couple of days.  Then you can add to it; make it bigger.

You feed it with your love and attention.

My vision resembles a ball of light the size of a football that I keep in the center of my chest.  I’ve fed it so much that now it feeds me whenever I need to be inspired.   Or if I just want to feel good.

Or if I’m standing in line at the post office…

It’s not about saving the planet.  It’s about healing yourself.  Sometimes it’s about getting through the day.

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Anonymous March 16, 2008 at 11:24 pm

Great article Mark. If you don't have a vision, you don't have hope.
A vision gives you something to look forward to in the future.

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