I’m In Therapy

by Mark Ivar Myhre on July 18, 2010

Even though my job is to talk to people and give them advice about their problems, I’m in therapy myself.  I don’t always like it, because sometimes I have to look at things I’d rather not look at.

But isn’t that what it’s all about?

I have no medical background myself, and ironically enough, my therapist doesn’t either.  My therapist is, quite literally, the world I perceive around me.  My therapy comes from feeling and observing the world around me.

Before you dismiss this as just a flowery metaphor (which it is!) let me assure you I am serious.  This is more than a metaphor – much more.

Let me explain.

First of all, I believe – I CHOOSE to believe – that I create my own reality.  When you choose to believe you create your own reality, that opens up a whole new can of worms.

I have to start telling myself the truth.

“I don’t get to blame my problems on you anymore.”

Or if I do, then I know I’m lying to myself.  Either way it kinda sucks.

Cause then I have to be responsible for what happens to me.  I have to accept that I created my mediocre life; or my painful life.  As the case may be.

But what if I start to see everything in my world as just a data stream?  (Which it is.)

If I create my own reality, that means everything I experience is simply a reflection of what I’ve created.

If I have the courage to accept that statement, a whole new world opens up.  Now I don’t have to beat myself up.  I don’t have to blame myself or others.  I don’t have to be a victim.  Unless I want to.

And I can start USING that feedback – that data stream – to help me.

I get to observe the world around me and study it and learn from it.  I can use it to heal and grow and change.  I can become MORE of who I really am, and less of who I’m not.

And isn’t that what therapy is all about?

It’s easy to say the words.  It’s even easy to explain the concept.  But what does it really mean to say I use the world around me as my therapist?

It helps to first know HOW I’m creating my own reality.  Duh.

I need to know what forces and energies come into play.  I need to know what I’m doing that actually results in the creation and manifestation of my life.  I need to know the interplay between my thoughts and feelings, my love, my beliefs, my desires and my imagination.

How do they all work together to create what happens to me?

If I don’t know the basics, then it’s going to be kind of hard to go much further.

That’s why I wrote the e-book on How To Create Your Own Reality – to explain all the basics – the ‘nuts and bolts’ of reality creation.  You can find out more here –


Anyway, I next need to know all the reasons why I BLOCK myself from creating things the way I want – which is also covered in the e-book.  (How convenient!)

Next, I need to approach my current reality in the most healthy way possible.

“Hey look, I got problems.  I’m in all sorts of pain.  I don’t know what to do.  I’m overwhelmed, in fact.  And it really looks like the world is ‘doing it to me’ – instead of me doing it to myself.”

“How in the world am I gonna fix all that???”

And I would suggest reframing the entire situation.  Start with a fresh perspective.

Know that you’re going to have to be a warrior.  No two ways about it.  You MUST be a warrior!  But that doesn’t mean you need to start beating people up, or go around ‘on guard’ all the time.

It means you have to be an INNER warrior.

It means you need to go to war with your own limitations.  Stand up to the parts of YOU that aren’t really you. Or rather, they’re ‘lesser’ parts of you.  Such as the ego.

Everybody would benefit from learning about their ego.  It’s fundamental to growing and changing and healing.  That’s why I recorded three audio files on working with your ego:


And it means facing the truth about yourself.  Admitting the games you’re playing and the lies you’re telling yourself.

It means having the courage to stand and face yourself – naked and exposed – vulnerable to yourself.


If that’s in the pit of depression, or the twists of chauvinism and victimhood, or the howl of despair, or the rotten stench of your own morbid fears – then so be it.

Being a warrior means you have the courage to look down at your feet to see where you’re standing.  Not to blame or feel sorry for yourself or to judge yourself – but to simply OBSERVE.

Being a warrior means being your own best friend.  It means KNOWING yourself – and knowing how difficult it is to accept yourself, but you’re going to work on accepting yourself anyway.  Not to excuse or justify or settle, but to use it as a springboard to rise above.

You accept yourself so you can become more of who you really are.

Next, you realize that at first, yes, responsibility sucks.  It’s not fun to admit you created things the way they are.


You’ve opened up a whole new world of possibility.

You’ve opened a door.  And you’re letting in a fresh breeze.  It might smell a little bit at first, but that’s only because there’s a little stale air – a little stagnant energy – that needs to be cleaned out.

But the wider you open the door of responsibility, the quicker that stagnant energy can move through you and you can start feeling ‘the good stuff’.

I open the door by opening my heart – full and wide.  As much as I possibly can, I open my heart to WHATEVER I’m confronted with.  Even the hate mail I get.  Even that is a gourmet meal.

In other words, I try my best to FEEL everything I’m confronted with.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the mediocre…  the beautiful.  The love.  The hate.  The anger. The joy. Whatever is happening around me, I try to simply take it in.

Because the more I take it in, the more alive I feel.

The more I open my heart, the more empowered I become.  And it actually creates a FLOW of energy – so I never get stuck.  I never get stuck in my feelings when I open my heart.

I used to have a wall around my heart.  It became a wall of pain and it limited me in many ways.  Once I removed that wall, it was like a breath of fresh air, and my perspective – in fact my whole life – changed.

You can find out more about removing the wall around YOUR heart (if it’s there) by going to –


So anyway, my therapy consists of opening my heart and feeling the world around me.  And of course, OBSERVING the world around me!

And always keeping it in perspective.

“This is just feedback, Mark.  This is just part of the data stream.”

I’m the one who assigns MEANING to that data stream.

I decide – I GET to decide – what it all means.  Since I understand how I create my own reality, if there’s something I don’t like, then I know how to change it.  Not by manipulating the form (the people and situations and events) but by changing the basic stuff of reality creation.  Like my beliefs and thoughts and many other things.

That’s how I use the world as my therapist.

You can too.

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