The Cobra Strikes

by Mark Ivar Myhre on October 7, 2010

There’s a software program that’s going to revolutionize the construction industry over the next five years.  Actually, it’s two separate programs.

I’ve seen it in action, and I’m impressed.  Soon, if you don’t have these programs, you won’t be able to compete with someone who does.  Because it reduces your overhead so you can bid less for each job.

The ‘theoretical’ part of the software was developed in Orlando, while the field research – the refinement – happened here in Portland.  That’s how I know about it.

But here’s the kicker:

It may never see the light of day.

The guy who spent the last five years writing the 10,000 lines of code for this software is locked in a bitter struggle with his two brothers and his own father.  They all want a piece of the pie.

The whole family was worth millions even before this software came along.  One of the brothers is a pro golfer.

Now, they could all end up broke, because they’ve all lawyered up and the family is bitterly divided.  The business – located in 25 cities across the country (five of them in Florida) – is now paralyzed and at a standstill. The software has been shut down because of a court order.  They’re losing many thousands of dollars every day.

No one will budge an inch.  And I’ve got a ringside seat as this all unfolds.  (Who needs TV?)

With my abundant curiosity and insatiable desire to study human nature, I can’t wait to get my daily updates from the front lines of this comedy/tragedy.

Millionaires fighting over more millions.

What’s the point?

I don’t have to tell you this is one more example of what happens when the ego takes over a person’s life.


Don’t let this happen to YOU!  Go quickly to –


Most likely, you’re not locked in an ugly power struggle with your own family with millions of dollars at stake.

But it is likely there’s some area of your life where you won’t budge an inch.

Guess what?  Your situation is just as important as theirs.  Just because it doesn’t involve millions of dollars, that makes it no less significant.

Remember, it’s all illusion.  We’ll all be moving on from this plane of existence before you know it.  When you look back on this life, will it really matter how much money you had?

The person who dies with the most toys still dies.

I’m not saying you should live a life of poverty; you can have all the money you want.  They’re printing more of it every day – just like comic books.

What I’m saying is that what you think and feel is WAY more important than anything in this illusion.  Your thoughts and feelings stand as the real currency of this life.

That’s why your situation holds as much value as anybody else’s.  If you can think and feel, you can access all the value you need.

And the areas where you won’t budge an inch hold just as much value as if millions of dollars were at stake.

That’s the message I want to get across:

You’ve got a LOT at stake in those areas where you won’t budge.  You’ve got much more at stake than mere millions of dollars.  Dollars are illusion.  Thoughts and feelings are real.

What would it feel like to review your life, and realize:  I came down to earth to develop my character, but instead I ended up bitterly fighting over pieces of paper.  I failed.  I didn’t learn my lesson.

Or, I came down here to learn how to end my self pity, or end my addiction to blame.  I came down here to learn how to love and forgive.  Instead I spent my whole life blaming and feeling sorry for myself.

That would suck.

Check this out:

I knew a woman back in Gainesville who truly could talk to people who’d died and passed over to the other side.  She could see them and talk to them just as easily as I could read my comic books.

I believe this to be true because I spent many hours alone with her, and she told me WAY too many things about my friends and relatives who’d already passed over.  She told me too many things no one on this earth could have known.

Anyway, she told me that from their perspective, an entire lifetime on this earth is like a few minutes to them.  Think about what it must be like –

“Hey, where’d you go, to the bathroom?”

“No, I just went and lived 80 years on earth.”

“Oh.  Did you learn anything?”

I’ll let you fill in the rest of that story…!

Look at your biggest problem right now.  Surely you know it still exists because in some way, you’re refusing to budge an inch.  Surely you know that.

And most likely, you KNEW you would have this problem BEFORE you were born.

I mean, come on.  This isn’t a random universe.  There’s no such thing.

You can turn you biggest problem into your biggest challenge, and then into your biggest opportunity, and then into your biggest accomplishment.  Then maybe you can hear the angels sing.

You just need to find where you’re refusing to budge.

Then you have to face your fears – the fears that are keeping you from budging.

Here’s what I’ve found:

If you can get those fears up on the table and into the light of day, you’ll see them for what they really are – paper-thin illusions.  Lies, usually.  Lies about ‘what might happen’.

The problem is, we’re usually too scared to even put them on the table.  They might strike us dead, like a cobra.

I say let the cobra bite you.  Then you’ll find out you won’t die after all.

Fear is only painful and uncomfortable when you try to block it and fight it.

As for my ‘reality TV show’ I’m watching unfold, here’s what I’m seeing: They have all that success, but not a speck of abundance.  What a tragedy.  Yes, it’s egos pitted against each other.  But beyond that, they’re scared.

Even with all that money, they’re still poor where it really counts.  They probably don’t even think they’re successful.

You can be richer than they are, once you take the steps to budge.

Forgiveness has to be one of the steps.  There’s no way around that.  Because forgiveness always comes before change.  Forgiveness creates the space for change.

You can find out more here –

And you can learn a lot about fear and how to handle it by going to –

Let the cobra strike.

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Kathy October 26, 2010 at 5:34 am

LOL! Love the perspective. Live light. Let go!

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