The Man Who Had It All

by Mark Ivar Myhre on October 12, 2010

There was a man who had it all.

A loving wife, beautiful kids, a wonderful home.

He worked in the family business; and as part owner he made some serious money.  Even as the economy started to shrink, they did well.

I used to love to go visit him, because his house on the water was just so awesome.  He also had two boats – one for going way out in the ocean, and the other for running up and down the river.  Oh, and he had a couple of jet skis.  Those were pretty fun too.  One of ’em was big enough to pull a skier.  (Usually me!)

I’ve been friends with him for over twenty years.

But then something happened; he cheated on his wife.  The next thing you know, they’re getting a divorce.  By the time it was over, his family had disowned him.  He was out of the family business.  The wife and kids are still mad at him.

They cleared about 2 mil. when they sold the house, but his ex-wife got it all.  He ended up with basically nothing but his truck.  He moved into an apartment and started working for a friend of his in the construction business.

He lost everything and now he’s broke.  And he knows he’ll never get back to where he was.

The sad thing is, he’s such a decent guy.  Really laid back.  I never saw it coming.  But I watched it all unfold.  I watched his life fall apart.  Even the woman he cheated with has no use for him now that he’s broke.  Only his true friends stuck with him.

So how did he end up in this position, when his life was going so well?

He listened to his EGO instead of listening to his better judgment.

Your ego can destroy in minutes what you’ve spent your whole life working so hard to build.

He listened to his ego.

If I’d known this was coming, I would have explained some things to him.

Everyone has an ego.  Everyone NEEDS an ego.  Your ego serves as the liaison, the go-between, the middle-man, between you and your world.

Your ego delivers information ABOUT the world TO your mind.  Just as your five senses deliver information to your brain.

Your ego, just like the mailman, delivers information about the world.  That’s its job.  To tell you what’s going on.

YOUR job is to be RESPONSIBLE for that information.  If you don’t take responsibility, then your ego is forced to.  If you don’t respond to the data, then your ego has to.

Guess what?  If you leave it to your ego, you’re gonna get screwed.  One way or the other.

His ego delivered the information:

“This woman is hitting up on me.”

His job was to realize he had a wife and kids and all that stuff (not to mention character and integrity and ‘doing the right thing’!) – and say ‘no’.  His job was to evaluate the data his ego gave him.

If you don’t do your job, your ego will step in and do it for you –

“C’mon man, you know you want her!  You deserve this.  You’ve been good, you’ve worked hard.  It’ll be okay.”

Here’s the real problem –

How do you know if it’s you, or your ego talking?

How do you know when you’re being led astray?

How do you know about all the tricks your ego plays?

And why in the world would your ego try to trick you in the first place?  Why isn’t it HELPING you like it’s supposed to?

The sad fact is, most people function their whole lives from a place of ego and never even realize it.  They probably don’t even realize they HAVE an ego.  They think there’s just one voice in their head; their own.

If you don’t understand your ego, it can potentially create many problems.  Such as –

You’re likely to be a victim of circumstances – a victim of other people, and a victim of the world in general.

You’re likely to be powerless.  (You gave all your power to your ego.)

You’re likely to be in pain.  (Pain comes from separation – and when you function from your ego, you become separated from everything.)

You’re likely to be consumed by fears.  (Who do you think is PRODUCING all those imaginary fears?)

You’re more likely to be depressed.  (Oh, the stories your ego will tell you about how bad and wrong it is to feel your feelings!)

You’re likely to feel ‘not good enough’ – like you don’t deserve, like you have no value.  (Which comes from more ego stories.)

And your self esteem suffers.  (This isn’t just ‘likely’.  This is guaranteed to happen. Because you lose so much of your discernment and evaluation abilities; which are essential for a healthy self esteem.)

And you’re likely to sabotage yourself – like my friend did.

He can never undo what his ego led him to do.  He lost everything because he didn’t know his ego.  And he’ll never get his life back the way it was.

I’m sure you realize this problem is not limited to just men!

Women are in the same boat when it comes to ego.

Remember, you NEED an ego to survive in this world.  You would DIE without your ego.  The thing is, you need a strong ego, one who will support you.  Not a weak ego that fights you.

Men and women are being led astray by their egos everyday.  Usually it produces chaos and fear and powerlessness.  Occasionally, it produces terrible consequences.

That’s why it’s so vitally important to LEARN everything you can about your ego.  You need to know what it sounds like.  You need to know what it says.  You need to be able to distinguish between your own thoughts and the thoughts of your ego.

And most importantly, you need a PLAN – a simple, workable plan – on how to strengthen it; to make it an ALLY instead of keeping it as an enemy.

To get started, click on the link below –

By the way, do you know what your ego is saying to you right now?

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