How I Ended My Sinus Pain

by Mark Ivar Myhre on November 12, 2010

Here’s part of a letter I received recently –


“I love the idea we are masters of our own destiny. It makes me feel positive and certainly that leads to better outcomes than negativity.

“However my back went into spasm, and it has incapacitated me and drawn me out of any higher consciousness objectives cause I’m in significant pain.

“I don’t see how I control such things or even allow them to happen.

“I cant honestly reason my way to believing that we control the totality of our existence. Simplicity shouldn’t exclude me from the best the universe can give. Or perhaps it does?

“These are my genuine questions on this topic. I enjoy your emails and they always make me think.”

Well, since my Indian name is Never One To Shy Away From The Tough Questions – I’ll take a stab at this one.

“If – IF – I create my reality, then WHY would I create this pain?”

Or for that matter, why are there red lights?  Why don’t we just know when other cars are coming, if we create our own reality?  Or why can’t I just  create green lights?

And if I create my own reality, why did I create that parking ticket last week?

Well, you could easily write a whole book on this subject – maybe a few books.  But for this article, let’s just focus on the pain.  Rather than getting into the whole philosophical discussion about reality creation, let me tell you how I ended my own excruciating pain.

Consider it one small example of reality creation that may apply to you…

I used to have serious sinus problems. My sinuses would hurt so bad I couldn’t stand up.  I had to lie down when I had a sinus attack, and just about had to crawl to go to the bathroom.  I’m talking serious pain.

I put up with this for years, since I had no clue about how to end it.  All I knew to do was to avoid dairy and take some herbs from a company called Nature’s Sunshine.

Today, however, I eat all the dairy I want and I never take those herbs.  (Although I highly recommend their products.)

What changed?  How did I end the pain so definitively?

The first thing I learned was to ‘process’ my thoughts and feelings. Write them out on paper.  Write fast and furious – without stopping to notice what I was writing.  I scribbled out my angers and frustrations and fears and hurts on hundreds and hundreds of pages.

I didn’t even know what I was doing.  I just did it.

But when you process like that, it helps bleed off the static energy that surrounds you.  And then it changes your resonance.

Resonance is everything. Resonance controls your life.  YOU don’t control your life.  Your RESONANCE does.

And that’s an important first step to consciously creating your reality.

You know how you can be around someone and just seem to feel their energy?  Technically speaking, what you’re feeling is the person’s resonance.  A resonance compares to an energy field that surrounds a person.  (Or surrounds ANY thing, for that matter.)

Actually, to be more accurate, resonance doesn’t control – it precipitates.  It creates.  And that’s the exact opposite of control. Control is static and uncreative.  Control doesn’t create anything.  Control is stagnant.

So you wouldn’t want to control your reality any more than you would want to control your emotions.  (Unless you want to end up in pain…)

Just like you can’t control the growth of a plant.  But you CAN be in charge of watering and tending that plant.

Anyway, I spent a lot of time processing my emotions.  I wanted to bleed off my emotional garbage, and plus I wanted to know myself on a deeper level.

Then I learned about forgiveness. What an exciting day that was!  I remember making a list of about two hundred separate instances I was going to forgive myself for.  Some of them were a bit silly.  But I did forgive myself for having this awful sinus pain.

And that was the second essential step to ending my pain.
When you bring forgiveness into the mix, it also changes your resonance.  To find out how I did it, go to –

Did I create my sinus pain? Yes. Absolutely, 100%.  It was an outward expression of my subconscious thoughts and feelings and beliefs and various other energies.  (As well as my conscious choices and decisions about what kind of a person I was, what I deserved, and so forth.)

Basically, the pain was a result of a combination of factors.  It was a ‘group effort’ of all the various parts of me. The many parts of me (the subconscious stands as only one of many) came together to create my sinus pain.

The three ‘parts’ of you with perhaps the greatest influence –

1. Your ego

2. Your inner child

3. Your subconscious mind

You can work with your ego (and tame it!) by going to –

You can heal your inner child by going to –

And as for working with the subconscious – every product I have works with the subconscious in one way or another.

My beliefs and all the other energies HAD to be expressed.  I needed an outlet for that energy.  For me, it manifested as sinus pain.

But also, the beliefs of my inner child, and ego, and inner parent came into play.

Because I ignored them, their influence was much greater than it otherwise would be.

My conscious mind – the tiny sliver of consciousness that I like to pretend is in control – my conscious mind amounts to only one small part of this ‘reality creation stuff’.

Yes, I create my own reality.

I create out of the TOTALITY of me, and not just the tiny sliver of conscious mind. That’s why I can’t just think and grow rich.

UNLESS – all the other parts of me are in agreement.  Or, if not in agreement, at least I’ve learned how to subdue their influence.

Well that sucks.  How am I gonna control anything if I have to deal with these other parts?

Yes.  That’s the point!

The musical conductor doesn’t control the orchestra. Rather, the conductor is in charge.  Being in charge is NOT the same as being in control.  The main difference: when you’re in charge, you’re being responsible.

Control, on the other hand, is one of the seven expressions of false responsibility.  For more info, go to –

Rather than attempting to control, I can instead take charge by being responsible.

Even ‘back when’ – years ago – I knew the next step after forgiveness was to change my self image. It took me about a year; it was hard and it took a lot of work, but I finally did change my image and then the sinus pain left, as if by magic.

And it never came back.

I always knew changing my self image was the answer, but it took so much time and effort that it hardly seemed worth it.  Who wants to wait a year?  Plus, it was a LOT of work.

That’s why I’m so excited about this new image changing technique.

It puts YOU in charge.  I know this is the answer so many people have been looking for.  Because it changes your resonance.

Plus, it eliminates the fear, which is the real reason people don’t change.

If you’re ready for me to help you, if you want to learn how to change your self image around any part of you life, just go to –

By the way, I was joking about my Native American name.  Really, my Native friends called me Thunder Chicken.  But that was a long time ago.  I think I deserve a better name now.  I’ve changed.

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