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by Mark Ivar Myhre on December 14, 2010

Here’s a recent question I was asked concerning what I do to ‘get it right’ –

“I’ve been reading your newsletter for months. I connect with the way you use your own real life examples to discuss the energy of emotions and thoughts.

“Do you have one go-to method you use to “get it right” or do you do several things that work together?”

Well, after 15 years of practicing literally hundreds of different ways to improve myself, I do indeed have one single meditation I go to. But I don’t necessarily practice it to ‘get things right’.  I use it to feel better.  It could also be used to reduce fear, pain and shame.  It’s like a fear slayer, a pain reducer, and a shame healer – all rolled into one.

Hidden within this meditation is the antidote for shame.  It also helps answer the nagging fears we all feel from time to time.   But it’s especially good for relieving pain.

Before I tell you about it, let me say I just came up with this a few weeks ago, so it’s fairly new, but it’s quickly become my favorite.  This is what I do – not so much to ‘get it right’ but instead to ‘keep it real’.

When it comes to my life, I seldom think about getting it right.  I’m much more concerned with getting it REAL.  That may sound like a meaningless distinction, but I assure you, it’s not.

If I’m worried about being ‘right’ – that usually means there’s a little shame somewhere in the mix.  The desire to get it right implies there’s currently something wrong.  Usually, it’s something wrong with me.  And when I think there’s something wrong with me, that’s shame.

I used to always worry about doing the right thing – now I focus on doing the real thing.  If I concern myself with realness, then the rightness usually follows.

So what does that mean and how do I do it?

Being real means being as honest with yourself as possible. It means thinking your own true thoughts and feeling your own true feelings.  It means functioning as an adult, and not coming from a place of ego or child or martyr or victim or any other of those ‘lesser’ parts of you.  It means questioning yourself on a regular basis.

Being real starts with processing. It may mean writing out your thoughts and feelings on paper, as I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions.  Or, it could be done internally.  For me, it just depends on how much ‘stuff’ I have to work out at the time.  If there’s a lot of unresolved thoughts and feelings, then I’ll write it out.  Otherwise, I just go through the thoughts and feelings inside myself – in my heart and mind.

And for me, processing is a never-ending activity.  It’s not like I’ve outgrown it.  I still do it.  Whenever I get confused, or I have a tough decision to make, or I’m not sure how to proceed, or even when I just want to know myself better, I turn to processing.  Sometimes I get out paper and pen, other times I work with it inside without writing anything down.  It just depends.

So if you want to ‘get it right’ (meaning, ‘feel better’ or ‘get real’) then start by processing.

Now, let’s look at this go-to meditation I mentioned; the one I myself use on a daily basis.

I designed this meditation as a starting point for people who keep asking me where to begin. They see I have all these products and they don’t know what to do first.  They ask me, but really, sometimes it’s hard to say.  So from now on…

When someone asks me where to start, I’ll say first work on processing your thoughts and feelings, then – if nothing else jumps out at you – go with this meditation.

What does it do?

Many things.  First, it’s so simple and easy to follow along that it’s perfect for beginners who’ve never meditated before.  But don’t let the simplicity fool you.  It’s deceptively powerful.  It works on many different levels.

The first thing it does is create a sense of peace. Not in the ‘visualize happy scenes’ sense.  Rather, it goes to the source of peace in your life.  It mixes your energy with the energy of peace.  I know what peace of mind is, and I know where it comes from.  This meditation takes you there.

Next, it’s an anchor in a chaotic world. You look outside at the world around you, and it just seems to be getting crazier and crazier.   So many ‘worldly systems’ are out of control.  The old ways of doing things aren’t working anymore; at least not like they used to.

The natural reaction of individuals is to take control in some little way – usually by controlling the minor and mundane factors of their lives.  In other words, trying to control the little things that don’t even really matter much.

Control doesn’t work, anyway.  It’s a knee-jerk reaction to an unrecognized and unacknowledged fear, usually.  Control always creates more problems than it solves.  This meditation is an answer to the ‘need’ to control.

Third, this meditation is designed specifically to address the emotional pain that people suffer. Pain comes from a longing for, and a separation from, some thing.  For example, when you want love, and you don’t have it, that creates pain.  To say again, pain comes from:

1. A longing for, and
2. A separation from, some thing.

Most pain comes from not meeting your human needs.  This meditation is specifically designed to help you meet your needs.  Thus, it reduces and relieves pain.

Fourth, this meditation just feels right. When you practice it, you know you’re doing the right thing.  There’s a certain sense of knowingness that comes from following this meditation.

Fifth, it involves resonance. You are combining, mixing and merging your resonance with seven very distinct ‘universal resonances’.  These seven energies are the most basic, and the most essential resonances that all humans need to feel.

I call it The Seven Spheres meditation.

And best of all, this is not something you ‘outgrow’.  Anytime you work with resonance, you never reach a point of diminishing return.  In other words, no matter how many times you practice this meditation, it will always continue to help you.  Any meditation that does not involve resonance WILL reach a point of diminishing return.

Some meditations I have are designed to only be done once or twice.  For example, the one on healing your inner ‘critical parent’ and the one I recorded last week on healing the part of you that blocks relationships.

With those two, you have a job to do, you do it, and then you’re done.  There’s no need to keep going.  You only need to listen to those meditations a few times, at most.  This one is different.  It keeps on helping you.  Keep in mind, this is the one I do!  I LOVE doing this one every day – sometimes twice or three times a day.

It’s just so grounding.  It feels so right… so good and true… and so real.

It changes you by connecting you with what’s real. You become ‘more of yourself’.  And ‘what you are not’ falls away.  The lies, the stories, the negativity – they are all slowly eroded away as you practice this meditation.  That’s been my experience so far.

Okay, enough talk.  I realize I’ve only scratched the surface on what this meditation can do for you.  I didn’t even mention the fear-slaying ability, or the shame-healing ability inherent in this simple exercise.  I’ll save that for another day.  I don’t want to overwhelm you here!

Let me just close by saying this:

  • Whether you’re a beginner, and have never meditated before…
  • Or you’re an expert, and want something really powerful…
  • Or you just want to take advantage of my thousands of hours of meditation practice…

Then click on the link below and order this brand new meditation – the one I use – the one you can use for years to come.  It’s only $12. For now.  And of course, it comes with a money back guarantee.  (Although I can’t imagine anyone ever asking for their money back!  Still…)

Order now, and you can do the same meditation that took me 15 years to come up with.  This is the culmination of 15 years of research into the most practical way to heal emotional pain. Available for the first time anywhere; right here, right now.  Click the link below to order this healing meditation called The Seven Spheres Technique now.


020100 December 20, 2010 at 4:21 pm

Try this one on for size ->

Or perhaps this ->

Is your magical mantra actually worth $12, and, should you even be charging for its revelation? Isn’t that crass materialism, uncouth, unethical? Is this how you make a living? Are you another true guru from the heart of one of the Gods? Do you also have all the answers to everything? We do need someone to write a new updated version of a bible, accurate, inspiring, vital, motivating. Not a christian or muslim or jewish or other bible. Just the real thing, worth reading and full of truth and life.

Mark Ivar Myhre December 20, 2010 at 7:27 pm

I know how trite it is to say I feel your pain, but I really do feel it, so I’m saying it!

I realize you’re not really looking for answers here, but I can’t really let this go unanswered, now, can I?

Since it will take a few words, I’m going to make this my next blog post. I don’t have a link or a title for it, since I haven’t written it yet, but it will be the very next post uploaded after this one – most likely published on Wednesday, Dec. 22.

Look for it!

Update: Here it is –

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