My Magical Mantra

by Mark Ivar Myhre on December 22, 2010

Here’s part of a comment someone left on my last blog post:

“Is your magical mantra actually worth $12, and, should you even be charging for its revelation? Isn’t that crass materialism, uncouth, unethical? Is this how you make a living? Are you another true guru from the heart of one of the Gods? Do you also have all the answers to everything? We do need someone to write a new updated version of a bible, accurate, inspiring, vital, motivating. Not a christian or muslim or jewish or other bible. Just the real thing, worth reading and full of truth and life.”


And in case you’re wondering, all these comments refer to a product called the Seven Spheres Technique which you can order by clicking the link below –


Usually I don’t do this, but since your comment is such a cry for help, I’m going to give you some unsolicited advice before I answer your questions.

First, did you ever stop to think about what motivated you to write such a comment?

No, I didn’t think so.  On the surface, it’s a simple case of ‘shoot the messenger’.  But why do you feel the urge to attack someone who says something that pushes your buttons?

You have two dominant energies that reflect in your comments.  One, there’s a ‘writhing’ energy.  You’re writhing about.  It’s almost like you’re trying to shake an invisible monkey off your back.  But you can’t do it.  The monkey is not on your back, it’s inside you.  That creates a lot of pain and frustration in your life.

The second, more obvious one, is a ‘jabbing’ energy.  You’re jabbing at anyone who gets too close to you.  I’m sure it reflects in your personal relationships as well.  It’s like a drowning man attacking anyone who gets within arms reach.  Not because you’re a bad person, but because you’re possessed.

And now we’re getting to the core issue.  I’m not the source of your pain.  I’m just a convenient target.  The source of your pain is an ‘invisible monkey’ inside of you.  How did it get there?  Glad you asked!  Not to throw any more gas on your fire, but it’s good for you to know these things…

You were incused with this monkey.  That means it was pounded into you.  It was hammered into you and stamped into you by force.  Most likely this happened early in childhood.  In other words, someone – it feels like your father or a fathering energy – shamed you, and as a result you ended up in pain.  He beat the monkey into you, in other words.

Usually, I say that someone is injected or infused with shame, but in your case it’s more of a pounding kind of energy, so I use the word ‘incuse’.

The problem with shame is that it can’t be processed out.  Because this monkey is not yours!  You can’t process your father’s shame.  You can only return it to him.  I’ve written some articles on shame, which you can read on this blog.  I’ll also be writing about it a lot more in the new year.

Now let’s look at your questions.

1. Is your magical mantra actually worth $12, and, should you even be charging for its revelation?

First of all, it’s not a mantra.  A mantra is a sound or a word or a phrase repeated over and over as a way to focus the mind and to achieve a certain goal usually involving some sort of spiritual enlightenment.  The most common mantra I know of is the phrase OM or AUM.

I never use mantras.  I’ll admit it sounds kind of neat to hear a room full of monks chanting something, but I would never do it myself.  I just don’t feel the urge.

Instead, this is actually a ‘visualization exercise’.  And I use that term interchangeably with the term ‘meditation’.  Many schools of thought exist regarding visualizing.

•    Some see it as a complete waste of time.
•    Others see it as a harmless hobby with little or no benefit.
•    Still others see it as perhaps possessing some value, until the rubber hits the road, and reality hits you upside the head, and then it’s quickly abandoned in favor of more traditional means of coping – such as manipulation and control.
•    And finally, for some people such as myself, it’s a way of life.  Through thick and thin, no matter what happens to me out in the world, I’ll always turn to visualization first, and visualization last.

Everyone visualizes to one degree or another. We can’t help it.  We replay the past and we imagine the future.  Usually, we replay a painful past, and we imagine an undesirable future.  And we do it so fast, and so automatically, that we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

It just happens.

I consciously practice visualization every single day, because I believe it has immense value.  I believe I create my own reality.  I also believe this external world I see with my two eyes is just an illusion, and the real action – the real reality – lies inside each person.

I wrote an e-book on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of reality creation which you can find out about here –

I believe visualization is a tool to help me live the life I want.  I believe it goes way beyond ‘imagining what you want’.  For example, I believe you can access various energies – and fill yourself with those energies – and then it will change your resonance.

To me, consciously creating your own reality ultimately comes down to gathering and holding resonance. That’s what creation is. That’s what creating your own reality means.

Now, for this meditation I focus on what I consider the most basic energies any person needs to feel.  I call them the ‘seven human needs’.  Basically, I try to get you to merge your resonance with the resonance of these seven energies.

Now, is it magical?  I guess that depends on your definition of ‘magical’.  Because the word is so misunderstood, it would take a lengthy explanation to answer that.  I better not answer now because this post is long enough already.  I’ll have to save it for anther day.

Next, is this visualization actually worth $12?  I think so.  I think it’s worth WAY more than what I’m asking for it.  But monetary value always comes down to supply and demand.  If tons of other people are telling you how to reduce your pain by putting you in touch with your human needs, AND you don’t really feel the need to do so anyway, then it’s not worth much.

On the other hand, if very few people are explaining how to do something like this, and you are indeed in pain and you are truly not feeling your human needs, then it becomes very valuable indeed.  Ultimately, every person has to decide if it’s worth $12.   My personal opinion is, yes it is.

As for the second part of your first question – ‘should you even be charging for its revelation?’ – well, that depends on who’s doing the ‘shoulding’ doesn’t it?  Again, it’s so subjective that I can’t adequately answer.  Generally, the word ‘should’ implies limiting and restricting judgment.

“You should do this.”

“You shouldn’t to that!”

Should, should, should.  We ‘should’ all over ourselves, and that usually is a strong indicator of pain.  Pain and judgments always go together.  Because judgments are designed to punish ourselves and others and to block ourselves from feeling our pain.

“I shouldn’t feel this way!”

Yeah, but you do.

I can’t answer a ‘should’ question because it has no foundation.  The question has nothing to support itself; it has no basis in reality.  I think what you’re really asking is –

“If your product is so wonderful, why do you sully it by asking for money?”

It would take at least a whole article to answer that question.  And I will be addressing it in the near future, especially since there’s so much emotional pain around money.

2. Isn’t that crass materialism, uncouth, unethical?

No.  It’s called commerce.  Commerce is an exchange of value between two or more different parties.  It’s what keeps society going.  But getting back to your question…

First let’s look at the word ‘crass’.  I would define it as ‘lacking the awareness of caring’.  See?  It’s not just uncaring.  Rather, it’s not even knowing your uncaring.  And no one who knows me would ever describe me as ‘crass’ – no matter what the context.

I am very aware of my level of caring – at all times.  I never lose sight of it.  Now, it didn’t used to be that way.  For most of my life, I told myself I didn’t care.  No matter what happened – good or bad – I would repeat the mantra ‘I don’t care’.  (Maybe that’s why I don’t like mantras!)

Of course, it wasn’t really a mantra.  It was a coping mechanism to deal with a scary and painful existence.  And it was faulty.  It didn’t help me one bit.  Then, one day, everything changed.

I was going to my shadow in meditation (as a visualization exercise) and I asked my shadow to ‘take me to the place that will help me most today’.  He took me to a room filled with expensive trappings.  It looked like a wealthy person’s office.  On the desk and walls I noticed what appeared to be a waxy substance, about four inches thick.

When I first touched it, my hand went right into it, and the more I pressed down, the more substance it had.  This was my caring.  I gathered it all up and put it into my heart.  And ever since then, I have cared enormously about almost everything.

Caring has become a big part of my life.

If you have any interest in meeting your shadow and retrieving some of your lost energies, then go to –

Now, let’s look at the term ‘materialism’.  I see it as being preoccupied with material goods, and I assume that’s what you meant.  Again, anyone who knows me knows that material goods are the last thing on my mind.  To illustrate, I haven’t bought a new pair of pants or a new shirt in years.  Except for one Gator T shirt I bought two years ago when they won the national championship in college football.

So, I don’t see how me selling this audio file meditation can be called ‘crass materialism’, since I am neither crass or materialistic.

And what about ‘uncouth’?

Of all the accusations in your comments, this one most closely hits the truth.  I’m very aware of social niceties, but I don’t necessarily adhere to them.  I may be a little uncouth.  But I certainly know how to be couth if I want to.

What about ‘unethical’?

Well, again, ethics can be subjective.  However, if we look at acceptable standards of behavior, we can find certain objective principles, such as ‘treating people fairly’.  I think what would qualify as unethical in this case is if I were attempting to deceive the reader into believing something I knew to be untrue, for the sole purpose of making a sale.  For the sake of argument, let’s say I did that.

What would happen?

Well, at the very least, my relationship with this reader/buyer would be strained, if not severed.  They may send me a message indicating their displeasure.  And they would probably tell others.  And it would defeat my entire purpose of working online.  Namely, which is to build positive relationships.

It would be counterproductive, and downright stupid, for me to do anything I considered to be unethical.  However, if you wish to consider me unethical, that’s your business.  I won’t try to change your mind.

3. Is this how you make a living?

Yes it is.   And I’ve very proud of myself for being able to do this.  It wasn’t easy to get to where I am today.  It took a lot of trial and error.  It took getting ripped off time and again from someone selling me their secrets on how to make a living on the internet.  I went down a lot of dead ends.  And it cost me a lot of money.

But now I’m doing what I love.  And it pays the bills.  If I weren’t able to make a living as a writer, I’d probably be working for myself as a housepainter.  Not that there’s anything wrong with house painting.  I loved that, too.  In fact, if someone asked me to paint their house today, I’d probably do it.  I love the energy of a freshly painted room.  Especially if I’m the one who put that energy in the room!

But I love what I’m doing now even more.  Besides, I’m getting older.  I used to climb up and down those ladders without even thinking about it.  Like a mountain goat.  Now I’m slow and deliberate.  It’s safer on the ground.  Plus, I get to work the hours I want to work.  And I get to touch a lot more people.

4. Are you another true guru from the heart of one of the Gods?

Oh, so there’s more than one God?  I didn’t know.  Actually, I’m a writer not a guru.  (See answer to previous question.)  And as far as I know, no one comes from the heart of any thing – God or not.  Maybe you’re taking a poetic license here.

5. Do you also have all the answers to everything?

Your use of the word ‘also’ is ambiguous.  Do you mean that someone else other than me has all the answers, or do you mean that in addition to being a ‘guru’ I also have the answers to everything?   Your lack of a comma leads me to believe you’re asking the second question, so that’s the one I’ll answer.

It just so happens I have ‘an’ answer to everything.  But I don’t have ‘the’ answer.  I have one answer.  Sometimes it’s wrong.  Sometimes the answer is ‘I don’t know’.  So, yes, technically speaking, I can give a rebuttal to any and every question, but it may not be informative.  Or, it may be just plain wrong.

Plus, because I’m so obsessed with changing myself and learning new things, the answer I gave last week may not necessarily be what I believe today.  If you see any inconsistencies in what I’ve written, that’s why.  As I change, I understand more.  And sometimes, that means what I believed last week is wrong or partially wrong.

I’m not afraid to be wrong in the pursuit of what’s right.

I’m always seeking a higher truth.  Everyone is, to one degree or another.  It’s one of the ‘twelve faces of self’.  It’s called the Seeker of Truth.  I lean on that face a little heavier than I ought to.  It’s an obsession with me.  Now, what balances the Seeker of Truth?  It’s the Seeker of Love.

Every one of us has both a Seeker of Love, and a Seeker of Truth inside us.  Ideally, the goal is to balance those two faces, or voices, or energies; depending on how you see them.  Balance the seeking of love with the seeking of truth.  I write more about the twelve faces of self in the e-book, How To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety, And End Panic –

But you could probably just Google the ‘twelve faces of self’ and find out more about it.  Jung was the first to mention it in modern times, as far as I know.

6. We do need someone to write a new updated version of a bible, accurate, inspiring, vital, motivating. Not a christian or muslim or jewish or other bible. Just the real thing, worth reading and full of truth and life

Okay, I understand these aren’t questions, they’re laments.  And what you’re lamenting will never happen.  At least not in our lifetimes.  That’s my opinion today.  Check back next week to see if it’s changed…


And, once again, all these comments refer to a product called the Seven Spheres Technique which you can order by clicking the link below –


Rose December 24, 2010 at 3:23 pm

I “should” read your posts more often because I really enjoy them! I am surprised that you even responded to this person’s comment but you did a fine job. You’re right, those comments usually have a lot of pain behind them. More often than not I’m not sure they will get what you are saying. Then again, a little light shines, a seed is planted…you never know what grows. Thank you for your insights.

Heather Hampton December 28, 2010 at 1:03 pm

I love your posts. You’re doing important work.

Lachlan January 12, 2011 at 9:27 pm

I think you’ve been very caring and totally agree that the comments came from pain within; the person has a long way to go on his journey. One of the more helpful comments I’ve read recently was “all perception is projection”, which I’m sure you understand and the person making the comments will most likely think is crap; personally I have learned to love it, as it provides me with instant and accurate feedback of what’s going on in my inner workings – I see them all around me! The idea that anyone could write a new “Book of absolute truth” is a dangerous thought. There are already more than 400 versions of the bible and each writer no doubt thought his or her’s was “the ultimate truth” and there are millions of “truth seekers” willing to kill others for not accepting the truth! As an Aussie, I say, “bugger off, mate, and wake up!”

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