Can Processing Help You?

by Mark Ivar Myhre on January 29, 2011

What’s the very first thing I do when I want to change something or understand myself better or if I just plain want to feel better?

Usually, I get out paper and pen and start writing stuff down. Even after all these years of working on myself, I’ve still found writing my thoughts and feelings onto paper stands as the best way to clarify things in my head.

It makes me more clear-headed.  It brings things into focus. It helps me to see what’s really going on in my life.

It also removes the ‘static’ energy that has a tendency to accumulate around my body.  It bleeds off the frustration and anxiety and worry and all those other limiting emotions.  Not to mention the anger and fear and hurt and pity!

I often say processing saved my life.  I don’t know if that’s literally true, but it certainly helped bring me inner peace.

I love to ‘process’ and I’m always suggesting it to other people, too.  So today I’d like to explain ‘processing’ a little bit more, and remind you of its value.   Plus, I’ve got a powerful new way to process that no one else knows about.

Technically speaking, a ‘process’ refers to a series of interlinked activities. That once begun, completes itself.  It’s some type of movement that once put into motion, continues until it’s done.  It’s like a chain-reaction.  Or rather, it’s supposed to be.  It can be.

In other words, a process is designed to make things easier on you. A process helps you achieve some goal, whether it’s making a widget or losing weight, or anything else for that matter.  When you use a process, you achieve your goals with more elegance and ease.

Let’s take a basic goal such as “I want to get rid of all this anger and frustration!”

From my experience, nothing achieves this better than to simply get out my paper and pen and start scribbling.  No structure.  No plan.  No forethought.  Just write!  Start at the top of the page, and just start scribbling out whatever pops into my head.

This is called ‘free-association’ writing; the most basic form of processing.

“I am so blankety-blank pissed off right now blah blah blah blah blah.”

Just start writing.  And if I didn’t know where to start, I’d write: “I don’t know why I’m even doing this stupid exercise!  I don’t have time for this!  I don’t know what to write…blah blah blah.”

I always find that once I actually sit down to start writing, the intensity starts coming up.  And in fact, that’s the whole point of this basic type of processing; to get the intensity to the surface, and then out onto the paper.  It’s like a pressure relief valve to bleed off the static energy that surrounds me.  It’s a channel for the anger and frustration to flow away from me.

The key to success with this most basic type of processing is to give yourself permission to feel with intensity. It sounds so simple that most will overlook this essential prerequisite.  But I can tell you from years of personal experience, you need to give yourself permission to feel with intensity!   And not just once, but over and over again, until it becomes ingrained.  Otherwise, you’ll end up going around in circles and end up with nothing but fluff.  No substance.

In fact, I believe this is a key ingredient in any type of success you’re looking to achieve:  “I give myself permission to feel with intensity!”  And mean it.  Declare it.  Demand it.  Claim it.  Say it until you’re sick of saying it.  (Assuming you want to succeed, that is…)

Okay, so that’s the most basic form of processing, used primarily for bleeding off such things as anger and frustration or worry or impatience.  First, you write whatever comes up, in an unstructured way.  Just write and write and write, until nothing more comes out.  Keep the pen moving, even if you have nothing to say at the moment.  Just doodle on the paper, if you have to!

Then, once you’ve written all you can, put the papers away for awhile.  Let them rest.  Later, if you wish, you can go back over them with a fresh perspective.  Sure, you’ll probably see a lot of fluff and nonsense in there.  But sometimes you can find some real pearls of wisdom and insight.  So not only do you get to bleed off the frustration (and maybe get a little peace of mind!) but you can also learn things about yourself.

The second form of processing involves adding a little journaling to your writing. First, you may write out carefully and deliberately what’s on your mind, as you would with a journal, and then you start free-associating with what you’ve written.  First you’re deliberate, then you’re intentionally not deliberate.  And you can go back and forth between processing and journaling.  This is what I usually do when I process.

Thirdly, you can also use various structures in your processing, to achieve specific results. For example, my three biggest selling products – How To Create Your Own Reality, The Magic Of Forgiveness, and How To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety, & End Panic – all three use some form of processing to help you achieve your goals.

Each product uses a different structure.  That way, you’re channeling your efforts so you can ‘create your own reality’ or ‘forgive yourself’ or ‘reduce fear’.

In “How To Create Your Own Reality“, the processing is designed to help you understand what blockages currently stand in your way.  Then it shows you how to remove them.  Once removed, you’ll have a clear pathway to getting what you want.

In “The Magic Of Forgiveness“, the processing is designed to help you gather the ‘substance’ of what you want to forgive.  If you don’t gather the substance first, then you’ll have nothing to forgive, and your efforts will be in vain.

In “How To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety & End Panic“, the processing is designed to bleed off the fear in a very specific way.  You’ll be ‘grounding it out’ so it passes harmlessly out of you.  Processing is also used to help you understand your fears better.  Because the more you understand, the less you have to fear.

And now there’s a brand new way to process – the most powerful technique yet devised to improve yourself using nothing more than paper and pen.

You can use this new processing technique for any specific topic you can think of.  Use it to learn more about love and intimacy and healthy relationships.  Use it to heal your current faulty relationships.  Use it to become healthier.  Use it to make more money, or save more money, or even use it to get a job!

You could also use it to heal emotional problems.  End emotional pain.  Feel better.  The possibilities are endless.

What makes it so powerful?  Because you use six raw materials to create everything that happens to you.  When your raw materials are clean and clear and strong, you get what you want.  When these raw materials are tainted, twisted and distorted (as so often happens from childhood shame, and just the living of life) then the reality you create becomes tainted, twisted and distorted.

This technique cleans up your raw materials.

Do you even know what your six raw materials are?  You need to.  If you want to live any kind of happy and successful life.  You can watch a video that explains exactly what your six raw materials are, and how to work with them, by clicking the link below:

By the way, processing could also be looked at as the fine line between genius and insanity.  You knew that, right?

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Natasha Clark January 31, 2011 at 9:51 am

Thank Mr. Myhre for your inspirational articles on “emotional healing”. It is helping me heal in so many ways. You really have gotten in touch with a person’s feelings deeper than I have gone myself through the years. You are also very perseptive when it comes to the feminine way of being which I truly commend you on as well. I certainly am very fond of men who are not afraid to embrace their sensitivities. Again, thank you for every message you have sent to me, for I’ve made a copy of it and will use it everyday. Best regards.

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