Finding Hope

by Mark Ivar Myhre on January 9, 2011

As I mentioned in the last article on the Fountain Of Hope, I believe each one of us has a source of hope inside of us, and it most closely resembles a fountain.  A very exquisite fountain, to be sure!  It’s beautiful beyond words, and it seems to have some sort of divine quality to it.

And if you access this fountain, you can let it heal you. Just by going to it, and being in its resonance, it can uplift you.  It can also take you out of the mundane; at least for a while.  (Of course, it’s always there, so you can go back to it any time you want, after the initial ‘high’ wears off!)

I only went there once, and then I’ve just been keeping the vision of it alive in my heart.  But I’ll be going back.  Why?  Because it feels so good and right and true.  And I’m always looking for a way to raise my resonance.

Plus, this is really good for those long cold winter nights!  I’ve never spent a winter this far north before, and I’ve seriously wondered why I’m here in Portland.  I don’t know if I can ever get used to this latitude or not, but I’ve already decided I’ll tough it out until spring.  I guess if millions and millions of people can spend their whole lives up north, then I should be able to handle one winter.

Here it is, the beginning of January, and I’m already sick of the cold and the short days.  Every day I think about running back to Florida.  But I’ve got too many plans, and moving would be too much of a distraction.  Hey, I need this fountain of hope just as much as anybody!  It helps me stay focused on what I want to accomplish…

Anyway, here’s what I’ve learned about experiencing hope:

There’s a few different ways to get to this luminous fountain of hope that can change your life.  I’m going to describe what I think is the most foolproof way – whether you’re a seasoned veteran at visualizing, or a brand new beginner.

It starts by feeling the energy of concern.

Concern.  Not worry, not franticness, not freaked out.  Concern.  When you feel concern, you’re in a heightened sense of awareness.  Your senses are acute.  You hear a little better.  You see a little more.  You might even touch and smell and feel things with a greater acuity.

Also, you’re focused more.   You’re focused on the object of your concern.  Everything else fades, at least a little bit.

And you’re open.  You open your heart, and you open your mind.  You let in the energy and the resonance of the object of your concern.

Another quality of concern is that you’re connected to the object of your concern.  You feel a connection, and you have a connection.

You also let in the mattering.  It matters.  It matters that you’re concerned, and the object of your concern matters.  And the energy of mattering is ‘in the air’ so to speak.  Your environment – and you – are filled with the energy of mattering.

Sixthly, you’re able to access a higher level of ‘knowingness’ when you feel concern.  Answers and solutions come to you naturally when you’re feeling concern.

And finally, when you feel the energy of concern, you tap into your own power and strength.

“Uh, hey Mark, that sounds great, but I never feel all that stuff when I get concerned about my kids.  Or when I get concerned about anything, for that matter.”

Yeah, I know.  Here’s the problem:  Usually, when we start to feel concern, it quickly lowers to worry or franticness or control or anger or fear or doubt or something other than the pure feeling of concern.  Concern devolves to some lower state if you’re not standing firm; if there’s no conviction behind it.

When you try to think about concern, or you tell yourself a story about concern, that’s when it devolves and dissipates.  Or, when you try to control the feelings.

Concern is a wonderful feeling.  But the thing is, you have to feel it!  And it’s so easy to go from feeling concern, to telling yourself a story about the object of your concern.  Just the imaginary fears alone will rip your guts out.

It takes practice to feel concern.  For that matter, it takes practice to feel anything, since we’ve been so conditioned to think our way out of feeling.

Anyway, that’s the first step.  Feel the energy of concern – as cleanly and purely as you possibly can.  Just feel!

So what do you feel concerned about?  Well, that’s kind of a trick question.   Because that’s how the stories get started.  I would suggest just feeling the energy of concern for ‘no reason at all’.  But if you need an object, than feel concerned for yourself.  Be concerned about yourself.

But watch out!  It’s way too easy to go into pity or some other emotional state when you try to feel concern for yourself.  If you find yourself sinking into pity, the solution may be to focus your concern on the second step that leads to your fountain of hope.  Namely…

The second step to get to your luminous hope involves making a commitment. Specifically, it involves feeling the energy of commitment.  Rather than, say, writing out a mission statement or some similar action.  Feel the commitment!  And, once again, if you need something to be committed about, make a commitment to yourself.  So what do you suppose would be a good commitment you could make to yourself?

Make a commitment to accept yourself! Self acceptance stands as one of the greatest commitments any person could make.  Why?  Well, first of all, it takes a commitment to accept yourself!  Self acceptance – which you’d think would be so easy, since all you do is choose – instead has become an insurmountable barrier.  At least on this planet.

I could write a bunch on accepting yourself, but for now, let’s look at the most salient points for our purposes – namely, to get you to your fountain of hope!  And it’s important to understand, self acceptance is a conduit to hope.  I’ll spare you the many benefits of accepting yourself… such as the pleasure and joy and relief and strength you’ll be feeling when you accept yourself – and instead we’ll focus on using it as a conduit.

See, here’s the problem with accepting yourself:

You can always come up with a list of reasons why you’re not acceptable.  It’s like falling off a log.  You can rattle that list off so fast and so skillfully, one would almost think you’d done it before!

“I can’t accept myself after what I’ve done!  What about this, and that, and the other??  I am NOT acceptable!”

And if you get into an internal debate, you just end up running around in circles; never getting anywhere.  Fortunately, the answer is so easy.  Just answer yourself this way:

“Yeah, I know I have done some things in the past that were not ‘good’ or whatever – but I’m still going to feel the feelings of acceptability.  There’s nothing wrong with just feeling!”

Self acceptance – like just about everything else – is an emotional experience.
It’s not an ‘intellectual exercise’.   That’s just a trap to keep you from feeling the feelings of acceptability.   The answer is to feel acceptability instead of thinking about it.

“Maybe I can’t be acceptable – but I can still feel the energy of acceptability.”

The irony here, is that the way to ‘be’ anything is to first feel it – but so few believe that; (such as, the part of you which refuses to let yourself be acceptable!)  This is a way to sneak acceptability in through the back door.

Okay, let’s step back for a second and see what we got here.  I’m saying that the way to access your fountain of hope is to first feel concern and then feel the commitment to accepting yourself.  And this acts like a conduit to take you to the hope.

Concern by itself is wonderful.  Just like the energy of commitment.  But when you not only feel those two emotional states, but add to that the feeling of acceptability, then you’re really cooking with gas (as the saying goes).  The concern, the commitment, and the acceptability come together and form a synergy.  And it’s this synergy that can carry you past your resistances and into the fountain of hope.

Once you’re in the resonance of this hope, then you can let it change you and heal you.  You can let it inspire you.  You can let it lift you out of the mundane, out of the mud and muck of your own little prisons and little stories.  It can be a guiding light to the future you want, and it can be a pathway to get there as well.

As you might imagine, I’ve recorded a meditation that puts it all together.  It’s got the exact procedure as well as a few other details I haven’t mentioned here.  I’ve been working on it for several weeks, trying to get it just right to give you the best shot at succeeding in finding your own fountain of hope that right now lies hidden inside you.

If you could use a little hope in your life right now, then I urge you to order it.  It’s twelve bucks.  $12. I’ve given you the basic outline above, so of course you could come up with your own meditation.  And I’ll tell you right now – success comes from opening your heart to feeling these energies.  Success does not come just by paying me $12.

Now, I do my best to guide you along and entice you to open your heart, but whether you do or not is up to you.  No one can make you open your heart, and no one can make you keep it closed.  It’s always your choice.  Opening your heart, however, is one important step I cover in the meditation.

If you want me to guide you along in meditation, then simply click on the link below to get started.

All I can say is, getting to your fountain of hope is a life-changing experience, and I LOVE it!  Even as I write these words, just remembering my own experience with the fountain of hope, it literally brings tears to my eyes because it’s so beautiful and so sacred.

What will it do for you?


Teresa Turnipseed January 11, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Mark this is wonderfull!!!!! I mean this says it so beautifully. I need to do this exercise everyday and also read this everyday to stay familiar with the practice and keep myself in it. Man you are great with words. I’m working on that area. Teresa

Lachlan January 12, 2011 at 6:09 pm

Thank you Mark, that’s a generous gift, and for me a timely reminder to practice feeling loving energy, which seems to be my Unconscious communicating with my conscious mind, and with God, and getting the parts energized and aligned as it were.

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