Why Fear Is Increasing

by Mark Ivar Myhre on May 17, 2011

Here’s part of a question I got recently:

“I am experiencing such intense anxiety and I suspect FEAR I reach such a block I can’t sit still. I can’t even push myself to continue reading. Actually I freeze up so completely I can’t even be effective with something as simple as washing dishes.

“These panic attacks have been increasing as each day goes by.”

What do you say to something like that?

Listen, you can take this to the bank:

Fear, panic and anxiety are going to be increasing exponentially in the world. If you think it’s bad now, just wait.  Or better yet, don’t wait.  Be proactive instead.

Here’s why there’s going to be more fear:

The foundation is changing.
My foundation is changing.  Your foundation is changing.  It’s changing for everyone, whether we want it to or not.  This is completely out of our control.  We can’t stop what’s just starting to happen.  And that’s scary as all get-out.

The ‘foundation’ is everything we count on to be solid and real and something we can lean on… everyday.  Our belief structures, our emotions, our judgments… these are examples of what lies in our foundation.

We create a little world out of our little beliefs.  We have a little cubby hole that keeps us safe.  Or rather, keeps us ‘safe’ in an illusionary sense.  And our little cubby holes are going to be blown to pieces.  Soon we’ll have to hide behind tattered pieces of worn-out little stories.  Eventually, we’ll discover that the only thing that’s hidden is our eyes.  And the rest of us is exposed.  That’s what happened to me.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Fear is increasing because what we relied upon our whole lives to keep us ‘safe’ is being blown to pieces by a new energy that’s flooding our reality.

Rather than seeing this new energy, though, most likely we see tiny reflections of its power.  And that’s scary enough.

The new paradigm that’s coming will require us to change radically.  And that’s good news!  We can change and grow and heal like never before. Issues that kept us stuck for decades can now be stepped over with ease.  If we’re willing…

That’s what’s coming.  That’s what’s already here, a little bit.  That’s what I see.

A new birth is wonderful.  But it’s also scary.  Here’s what will see you through:

Stop holding on and start being more fluid and flexible.

Nothing too complicated about that.  It’s easy, if you want it to be.  But many (or most!) people will just hold on tighter and tighter to the past.  And thus, the pain will increase.

Now, what complicates things is the shame from childhood.  And I suspect most of the fear, panic and anxiety my friend is asking about here is rooted in the past – from an unhealed inner child and unreturned shame.  That’s the root of the problem and it will need to be dealt with sooner or later.  But for now, let’s focus on today.

Look, it’s going to get scary for everybody.  In one way or another.  The question is, how do you deal with that scariness?

Here’s what I suggest:

I’m going to try to let go of my limitations and instead try to focus on something I call the ‘dolphin energy’. Be like a dolphin.  Fluid and flexible.  Going with the flow.  Not fighting the waves.  Instead, ride the waves.

So how does this relate to fear and how to handle it?

Realize that powerful energies are at play here.  Changes are coming.  HUGE changes.  From POWERFUL energies.  And I’m going to get scared.  And that’s okay.  It’s okay to get scared.  (It just means you’re human!)

The more I fight the energies (in this case, of fear, anxiety and panic) then the worse it will be.  Instead, I can ride the waves of fear.  You see, there’s a way to surrender to the fear without being dominated by it.  And it all goes back to what I’ve been saying about separating the emotion from the story.

You want to feel your fear as fully as possible without telling yourself a story about what that fear means.

If you’ll do that then you’ll find your resonance lifting.  In other words, you’ll feel better.  You’ll feel more alive.  You’ll be more powerful.  You’ll be better able to cope.  Your ‘knowingness’ will increase.  Life gets better.  Much better.

To help you work with fear, I’ve got a few different products which you can read about here –

How To Reduce Fear, Escape Anxiety & End Panic

E-book and 3 audio files explain exactly what fear, anxiety and panic really are, and how they differ from one another.  Various techniques describe how to first work with fear, then anxiety, and finally panic.  Two audio files on anxiety (one meditation, one discussion), and the third audio file provides a meditation to end panic.

Breaking The Resonance Of Fear And Anxiety

Audio file meditation takes you to see the resonance of fear and anxiety that surrounds you, and then to change it into a new, healthy resonance that supports you.

Unraveling And Releasing Fear

Audio file meditation helps you understand and then release your own unique fears.  Comes complete with a manual that shows you all the different possible combinations of fear…  and helps you find your own unique pattern of fear.  First read the manual to understand your pattern, then use the meditation to end it.

Don’t ignore the fear.  Don’t fight the fear.  Don’t try to run from the fear.  And you don’t need to tell yourself what the fear means, either.

“There must be something wrong with me or else I wouldn’t be feeling this way.”

Not true!  Feeling fear means you’re feeling fear.  Everything else you tell yourself is a story.

“But something bad might happen.”

Yeah, but it might not happen.  Something good could happen instead.  Nobody really knows.  I’ve talked to an awful lot of people over the last few years who suffered from panic and/or anxiety.  And in almost every case they had elaborate stories about what might happen or could happen or will happen…

But what these prognosticators fail to realize is that no one can really predict the future with that much accuracy.  It’s too complex.  But one thing is for sure: the greater your intention and the greater your intensity, the greater the likelihood you’ll manifest what you intensely intend.

Obviously, if you keep focusing on your fear stories, you can manifest them.  Just like if you keep staring into the ditch while you’re driving down the road…  But you could just as easily focus on what you do want, instead of what your ego wants.  You could just as easily focus on staying on the road.

Most likely, your ego wants you to drive into the ditch.  In fact, your ego already has the ultimate fear story going.  It’s a tale of death and destruction and how it wants you to end up.  Not a pretty sight.  I explain it all on the three audio files I’ve recorded on Working With Your Ego.

Getting back to the big picture:  Whatever you focus on will increase.  We’ve heard that a million times, but now it’s really starting to happen more and more.  The more you focus on the story, the more likelihood the story will manifest.

The more you focus on feeling and releasing the fear – just feeling the fear, even letting it sweep you off your feet as you still maintain your wits about you – then the more your resonance will rise.  That’s what you want.  It’s kind of like surfing or skiing.

Interestingly enough, once I started looking forward to having my next panic attack – just for the thrill of it – the crazy adventure of it – that’s when they stopped happening.  Go figure.  Not that I was disappointed about it…

This is the most exciting time ever to be alive.  Because there’s so much energy in the air.  And we’re just getting started!

It can be thrilling.  Or it can be a horrible nightmare.  Or if you try really hard it can be a mediocre life.  But you don’t want that.

More and more, you’ll be seeing that life is an emotional experience. That’s what I believe.  But that’s just me.  The real question is, what do you believe?


lance May 17, 2011 at 9:20 am

You speak in generalities; what impending doom ? what exactly is changing ? what foundations ? Do note, things are always changing and they always will such as (economies, geopolitics, cultures) and not everyone is living in fear nor are they pessimistic, the nature of change calls for adapation and improvement and what may seem bad right now can actually be good. Change will force growth eventually when the pain or incentives become powerful enough.

Mark Ivar Myhre May 17, 2011 at 10:46 am

Thanks for giving me a chance to clarify my article a little bit.

If I speak in generalities, it’s only because specifics elude me!

And if there’s any impending doom, I don’t know about it. I see it more as an opportunity rather than doom. Personally, I’m very excited.

Now, as to what’s changing – we are. Let me talk about the ‘foundation’. I realize this sounds like an abstract concept, but I see our foundations as being very real. Much more real than anything we can see with our own two eyes.

Any change we see out in the world is only a reflection of what’s more real. (In my opinion.)

Our foundation is what we’re standing on. It’s what we base our lives on. It consists of beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions, our will, our imagination, our self image, our desires, our expectation, our anticipation, our trust, our value, and a few other things as well.

Our foundation is composed of all the things we use to create our reality. And more than anything, I would say our foundation consists of those first six items I mentioned above. I believe they all come together to form a resonance. It’s the actual resonance that is our foundation.

Now, what exactly is changing?

Those six items I first mentioned (the six raw materials of life) are having more and more impact.

Why? Because of an unknown energy that’s coming into our world.

Why do I say this? Because that’s what I feel. I call it ‘chaos’ because I don’t know what else to call it. It’s a little bit scary to me because its so overwhelming and powerful. That’s my experience. The more I understand it, the more I’ll write about it in more concrete terms.

Why is there some unknown energy of chaos coming into our world?

I have no idea. I can only guess.

But I’m seeing with me and with certain other people I know, that the six raw materials are increasing in their impact.

Beliefs are becoming more important. Feelings are becoming more important. Your choices are becoming more important.

Or, maybe the ‘lag time’ that was always there in the past is now becoming shorter. I’m learning more every day so I’ll be writing about this a lot more. As I experience more, I’ll write more about it.

Now, it’s true that change has always happened – but nothing like this.

And I don’t mean to say everyone is living in fear. Actually, whatever you’re feeling will be increasing – that’s what I meant to say. If you’re happy, then you’ll be much happier, for example. Also, choices can become much more powerful. And that can be very good news.

And I certainly didn’t mean to give the impression that everyone is pessimistic! I know I’m not.

As for commenting on the nature of change, I better leave that to wiser people than me for now. I’ve still got quite a bit to learn about change…

Alex May 17, 2011 at 12:20 pm

a very pertinent message for me any way.
Somethings definitely up and it seems to be something.. an idea or a truth about ourselves…. whos time has come.
I know i have to change and not so much externally either but i have to learn somehow that my ordinary modus isnt quite right..even when things are ok.
I have to suppose there really is something ‘the matter’with me, i often do and try to identify it or rather IGNORE it and presume i am a bit odd..my life and my candid aquaintainces have pointed out..sometimes emphatically..that
Its your ATTITUDE mate..it stinks was the last one.i was quite affronted but a funny thing happened when i was in the middle of this kick in the stomache (which it really felt like) however i had subscribed to some of your propaganda (ha ha) and instantly decided they were absolutely right (the bastards) and i went to see them and promptly and evenly stated that yes it was me and my attitude and walked away from a very hostile situation (work and money of course).
Never done that one before..and i was in the shit but..it was okay..then fear arose and has been popping in for tea (uk term) quite a lot since then.
However i know..that Love must be before fear If we are indeed spiritual creations and not bodies and everything is illusory but also real then the script i have allowed my self to play out in this theatre of a life must surely be to sort something very important out and change a profound and basic belief.
If every life is a metaphor for all of us and for the whole history in space and time of everything so far and is our ‘present moment ‘and we have only that one ‘nowness’ of being to change it may be that we are slightly off beam and are entertaining a false belief…
at that age around 5 years or so when we come into self conciousness ( me and not me… or duality we have a sudden fear and something seems to have gone missing.
It has… Love seems to be missing somehow and spend the rest of our lives trying to recapture that original bliss..to see again AS a ‘child’ sees….
Mark Epsteins book ‘Ongoing Being’ explains this original shame and really a fear of having lost Love somehow and the resultant confusion…and a life of always not being ‘quite right and ‘ i cant get no satisfaction’…thank you Mick Jagger.
So here we are in ‘not Being’ getting to…Be and there is that notion of having done something ‘wrong’..the source of guilt shame and fear..denial resentment rage and self pity and all the other stuff. All based on a sudden shocking moment….in the life of the soul or spirit and re enacted in the human role in the play..(me and my life) in which i am currently appearing as the star of the production. . I must conclude that the moment of self conciousness was the gift of everything..all that is gave itself entirely to its creation..all that it is…every thing that it is was will be could be..unlimited imagination. but how would you or i know that…we felt unloved instead ? abandoned ?..lost in space ? strangers in a strange world ..
and maybe we can imaginate or in vent (inbreath ?) anything at all and out of shame and loss invented this idea we live in..so its time for the fear to know Love…which is the reversal of material thinking…that things happen TO me when in fact i am ‘happening ‘ them. and am responsible ..so love is on the inside of those feelings of fear and that only way to get it through the blockage is to evaporate the false belief by what you have come up with so far….well done..you are of course speaking for all of us here..mind you you made it all up did’nt you ?..ha ha so can we blame you ?
Your one of the finger pointers Mark and you have the courage to be candid and biographical and i can hear you telling the truth about yourself and sharing it. Thank you very much.

Amy June 15, 2011 at 1:47 pm

Yes things are changing and because of your articles — I am able to stay sane.

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