The Secret Law Of Attraction

by Mark Ivar Myhre on September 12, 2011

Recently I got a question about positive thinking and the law of attraction, that went something like this:

“I have LOADS of fear about money, and have tried thinking “I have lots of money, I have money coming to me” etc…  When I do this, I then find myself thinking that I can buy things too readily.  How do you hold this belief without spending yourself into debt?”

The short answer is that it’s not about holding any particular belief.  If you believe it, you don’t need to hold it.  Cause it’ll just be there.  You’ll know you have lots of money, or money is coming to you, or whatever.

If you’ve got a lot of fear around money, then there’s no way you will hold those particular beliefs anyway.

Let me back up for just a second, and tell you, I’ve asked every wealthy person I know about money, and what it is and how to get it.  Not one of them knew much of anything about The Secret, or The Law Of Attraction.

Rather, they just worked hard at various businesses and the success happened over time.

Interestingly enough, none of them had ever consciously worked with their beliefs.  And not one could adequately answer this simple question:  What is money?

In other words, they just lived their beliefs.  They knew they could succeed.  They know they could make it.  And most importantly of all, they were all willing to have the money.  They may have been scared, but they were determined to succeed.

And they were all tight with their money.  They spent it very reluctantly.  And never on frivolous personal items.  At least, until they could very easily afford it.

These traits exist among all those I personally know who achieved financial independence.

Now, on the other end of the spectrum…  I know someone who told me about another woman who was able to manifest money out of thin air.  Literally.  I mean, close your eyes, go into meditation, and come out of meditation with cash money in hand.

But you can’t get there from here.  This woman only did it (I was told) as the culminating effort of achieving complete money mastery.  She already had achieved her wealth and didn’t need to manifest it in meditation.  It was just an exercise.

I wasn’t able to talk to this woman because I don’t know who she is.  Although I was told I’ve met her before at a meditation conference.  But my friend wouldn’t say who it was.  Anyway, I just mention it to illustrate what is possible.  (Assuming you even believe me!)

But if you’re broke and hurting and worried and scared about money, then no way would this work for you.  Even if I told you exactly how she did it.  Because it’s not the technique.  And it’s not just the belief, either.  And it’s certainly not positive thinking.

It’s knowing.

Now, I’m sure she had to learn the basics of reality creation.  She knows what I know about how we create our own reality.  She learned it from the same source I did,  from Lazaris.  I wrote an e-book on it, called How To Create Your Own Reality.

Anyway, you have to learn the basics first.  Unless…  you’re in that first group of people I mentioned.  Then you already know… that you’re going to be making the money.  It’s a matter of just going through the motions, and doing the work and taking the steps you need to take to get there.  And opening up the right types of businesses in the first place; businesses that have a good chance of success with the right effort.  A lot of it is just logical, common sense.

You see?  All my friends who ‘made it’ don’t know and don’t care about their own internal infrastructure.  All they care about is the money!  And they succeeded since their internal infrastructure was already aligned towards doing whatever it took to get rich.  It’s kind of interesting, if you really look at it.

If your interest lies with making the money, and nothing else, and you’ve already got the right mindset, then you don’t need to know how you operate inside. (Such as, what you do to create reality the way you want it.)

However, if you’re reading these words and you don’t have that internal alignment, let me tell you the bottom line, which was just revealed to me a few days ago.

Here’s the real secret law of attraction:

1. I create through my resonance.  (Which is an emotional experience.)

2. I express through form.  (Meaning, the illusion I see when I look around me.  My world, my reality, in other words.)

3. I experience resonance and form integrating together to create a synergy.

4. This synergy influences my new resonance.  And the cycle is repeated.

This is how my friend’s friend was able to manifest money out of thin air. (Well, maybe the air was thick, I don’t know!)

It’s a continuous feedback loop, where the form we see (the reality we create) mixes with our resonance (which created it in the first place) to form a new resonance, which then precipitates new form.

The world around us constantly changes our resonance, and our resonance constantly precipitates the world around us.  If you’re creating good things to begin with, then you’ll most likely keep on creating good things.  Or, if you’re cynical and bitter and think this is all bullshit, then you’ll most likely keep on with the cynicism and bitterness and the ‘knowingness’ that you’re right and information like this is wrong.

How We Create Our Reality

Most people try to manipulate the form only.  Such as, by using the law of attraction as it’s talked about in The Secret. But that only works when the resonance already supports what you want!  And if your resonance already supports what you want, then you have no need to read articles like this.  And you don’t need to read about the secret law of attraction.

If you’re that one in a hundred who has the right resonance (or mindset, or internal alignment, however you say it) to begin with then all you need to do is focus on the form.  In which case you’re probably more interested in just working your business than reading about resonance!

But what if you’re not that one in a hundred?  Assuming you want to change things about your life (the form) then you would be well-advised to work on changing your resonance. Because right now, if you say you’re filled with fear about money, then fear will predominate in your resonance.  And you’re liable to create more fear about money.

So what is resonance, exactly?

It’s all the different energies which exist inside you, and which you emanate.  It consists of a complexity of your raw materials, your tools, and your energies.  Your raw materials, which always link together, include beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, choices, and decisions.  Your tools, such as your imagination, and your generating and sustaining energies, such as love and trust, also make up your resonance.

I write about the ‘top twenty’ factors that make up your resonance in the program, How To Create Your Own Reality.  Not only do I write about them, I also write about how to work with each of them.

I also have an e-course called Power Processing which shows you how to change your six raw materials.  You can change the ones that limit you into new, expansive one that enhance your life.

And I’ve also got a few meditations that work directly with changing your resonance, which you can read about here and here.

I realize I’ve only scratched the surface on this topic of the secret law of attraction in this short article, so I invite you to check out more information by clicking the links above.

Let me leave you with this little tidbit:

It’s the resonance you want to hold, not the beliefs.  The resonance consists of beliefs, and a whole lot more.  You can work with each of the components of resonance individually, and that will change the resonance and ultimately change the form.

If I have fears about money, that will permeate and dominate my resonance.  Which means the fears will likely grow, unless I consciously work to change myself.  Because it’s the feelings that tie it all together.  My feelings, like glue, hold my resonance in place.

If you disregard everything I’ve said up till this point, then at least do this:

Create the image of yourself as you want you to be – and infuse that image with as much emotion as you can possibly muster.  And do all you can to hold that image.  Here’s a meditation that describes one way to do it –

The problem is, it’s hard to hold that image unless you’ve cleared out all the baggage first.  Such as, the fear.  And all the crazy beliefs about money.  It takes an enormous amount of will, but it can be done.

From what I’ve seen of the experts who talk about the secret law of attraction, they already had their internal infrastructure (their resonance) in place before they started preaching.  Sob stories notwithstanding.

The rest of us would do well to work on our resonance.  Then we can make it look as easy as they do.

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