Subconscious Mind

by Mark Ivar Myhre on December 18, 2011

A reader asked me to write about the subconscious, and even though I’ve written a few articles in the past, I’d like to take a fresh stab at it. Look at it with fresh eyes.  I’ve often found when I revisit an old topic, I usually learn something new about myself.  This time is no exception.

If anything, I see more clearly than ever how important it is to work with my own subconscious mind.  And if you’ve found yourself stuck in a limiting habit or pattern, or trapped in an unpleasant situation, then this article is for you.

First, what is the subconscious, exactly?

Your subconscious could be described as a super computer that cares.  See it as your own powerful computer; an ally that really does want to help you succeed, but is limited in how it can help you.

The subconscious is part of your total consciousness.  We have many parts of our consciousness, most of which have no names or labels.  One of the smallest parts is the conscious self that we are aware of.  Everything we think and feel and imagine and believe and know about ourselves; in fact, everything we can remember and everything we can possible think of, is part of our conscious self.

Your conscious self – the you which you see in the mirror, the you that is reading these words, the you that thinks about the future and stuff, the you that knows everything you know, is the least conscious part of your consciousness.  But it’s the part of you that makes the choices!  That’s the great equalizer.

It knows the least; it’s less aware than any other part; yet it’s the one in charge.  It’s almost scary in a way.  To be given so much power and no instruction manual on how to use it.  Because “all I can see is this illusion I call reality”.  One could almost predict this would be a recipe for disaster.  Or at the very least, a life less lived.

Another limiting factor for the conscious mind is that it is further divided into various ‘lesser’ parts of us – such as an inner child, an ego, an inner martyr and numerous other aspects of our consciousness.  Which doesn’t have to be a problem, unless they’re the ones you’ve assigned to make the choices in your life.

Anyway, your subconscious contains much more awareness than you do.  It  can help you enormously when you learn how to consciously work with it.  And in fact…

I believe the destiny of all people on this planet is to learn to consciously work with their subconscious.  The problem is, most people see it as something to overcome, to get away from, to beat, to best, to conquer.  Or to trick.  I would suggest seeing it as an ally, a friend, a co-creator.  Something you work with, not something you need to dominate.  And definitely not something to avoid!  As if you even could…

Why Working With Your Subconscious Should Be One Of Your Highest Priorities

The subconscious compares to a supercomputer that records everything that has ever happened to you.  It’s always recording and storing every speck of data it can. The tape is always running in the background.  And out of the data from our first few years on earth, it forms programs that determine how we’ll live the rest of our lives.

Also, it seeks consistency above all else.  Everything has to fit in with previous data.  Let me give you an example.  I learned when I was about three years old that love equals shame.  So if you love somebody, they will shame you, and you are to shame them.  Because that’s what love is.

I carried that around with me for five decades – which probably explains my lack of successful long term relationships!  I just realized it the other day, in fact.   And if I had not stopped and taken the time to forgive myself, I’d be functioning out of that mindset for another five decades.  There’s no way it would have changed on its own.

That’s how the subconscious works.  I learned love equals shame, and my subconscious was bound to keep it that way.  No matter how much it hurt me.  Not because this part of me wanted to hurt me. Not at all. It had no choice. It was just giving me what it was programmed to.

That’s why it’s so vitally important to work with your subconscious; so you can change your limiting programs and live the life you want.  Here’s the big picture on how the subconscious influences our reality:

I believe we have a flow of energy coming into us all the time.  I call it the emotional wellspring.  Out of this raw material, we shape and form our world around us.  But before we even get a crack at it, this flow of energy first passes through our subconscious mind, which taints and colors the flow.

No matter what we say we want, our subconscious usually has a bigger say in the matter, because it changes the flow of energy coming into us, before that flow even gets to us.

Your emotional wellspring – the pure raw energy you use to create your life – is tainted by the beliefs and attitudes you picked up before you could even consciously think and decide and choose.

That’s pretty serious.  Now of course, you keep developing new beliefs and attitudes as you grow older, but for the most part they’re just extrapolations from early childhood…  unless you’ve consciously worked to heal and change those early childhood programs.

If you don’t work to heal and change those early programs, it can lock you into a lifetime of misery.  Or at least a lifetime of limitation.  You can never reach your full potential without working with those early programs.

And you can’t simply reason with your subconscious, any more than you can reason with a computer program.  Talking nice to your computer when its frozen up doesn’t work very well.  Telling it how badly you need to get back to work doesn’t help much.

Your subconscious functions like a computer.  Also, like a computer, your subconscious doesn’t make choices.  It merely follows instructions.  It’s always trying to give you what it thinks you want.  It follows the programming that’s been put into it.

Everything that comes to you – everything – must filter through the subconscious first.  (Then it’s delivered to you by the ego.)

So what to do about all this?

First, understand the programs you’ve already put into your subconscious.

You’ve got to know what programs are already in your subconscious, and then you’ve got to know how to change them to new programs that support you.  Why is this so important?

A subconscious program is a ‘field of play’ in which you live your life.  It sets the boundaries and makes the rules.  It says what can happen and what can not happen.

In other words, your life is contained within your subconscious programs.  If you really take the time to study it, you may find – as I have – that it’s a mind-blowing and life-altering experience.  It forces you to question your very existence.  It stirs up a lot of dust.

Luckily for me, I enjoy stirring up dust and having mind blowing experiences.  I figure that’s why I’m even here on this planet.  Plus, it’s a never-ending adventure.  I’ll never finish exploring my subconscious.  Not in this lifetime, anyway.

There’s a lot I don’t know about my subconscious.  And that’s okay.  But I do know enough to be able to work with it, and to be able to see the results show up in the world around me.

The basic technique of working directly with your subconscious goes like this:

1.  Find a quiet place when you can be alone and undisturbed.

2.  Relax your body and breathe deeply, then count from five to one, with the intention of entering an altered state at the count of one.

3. Imagine yourself to be in a safe place out in nature, or if you prefer, imagine yourself as you sit quietly in your room.

4. Find a hole in the ground, or a cave, or perhaps a hollow log which will take you into the earth.  Or if you’re imagining yourself in your room, then perhaps imagine yourself walking down some steps into a deep basement.

5. Find yourself in some sort of underground space.  This could be a computer room, a library, a warehouse, a maze, or it could even be a place in nature deep in the earth.

6. Begin to walk around and explore your surroundings.

7. Seek out the personification of your subconscious self.  It might look like you, or it might barely look humanoid.  You won’t know until you see it.

And once down there, you could talk to your subconscious self and seek to understand it more clearly.  You could develop a rapport with it, and ask it questions, even.  The possibilities are endless.

I’ve also recorded several meditations that can take you to your subconscious mind and then work with it in specific ways.  For example, I have one meditation that guides you to the Room Of Belief, which holds your Book Of Belief.  Then, you can easily change any limiting belief you wish.

Another meditation takes you to your subconscious so you can remove any blockages you may have.

A third meditation, which I call THE Creative Visualization Technique, takes you to a stage in your subconscious where you can show it what you would like to create.  It’s funny; I never talk about this one, but it’s become one of my best sellers, as people just seem to find it on the internet.

In addition to these meditations, I also have many other guided meditations that, while they don’t directly take you to your subconscious, they’re still designed to work with and reprogram your subconscious mind.  They work by speaking the language of your subconscious.

And I have to mention the forgiveness meditation, because going to and experiencing the magic of forgiveness also sends a very powerful signal to your subconscious that can produce amazing, sometime instantaneous, healing.

All together, I’ve got about twenty different guided meditations.  You can see the complete list here.  But now you don’t have to buy them separately.  You can get every one of them just by signing up for my new membership site, where I give you a brand new meditation every month.

Click here for more information on working with your subconscious – and a whole lot more.

Whether you take advantage of my offer or not, you will benefit greatly by working with your subconscious.   Here’s just one example of how it’s helped me:

I used to be scared to death of people.  I would freeze up in all sorts of ordinary situations.  Reprogramming my subconscious has pretty much made me fearless, at least as far as other people are concerned.

But it goes way beyond confidence.  I’ve expanded the boundaries of possibility in my life.  I’ve expanded what is possible. So much can happen now, that couldn’t happen before.

I wish I could tell you what that really means.


Josh R February 25, 2012 at 9:52 am

I’ve imagined myself with 4 entities but when I was about to ask them I heard a vehicle, I asked myself: “what was that?” and I was suddenly brought back to reality. It only happened to me once but it was an amazing experience. It happened to me when I was very tired but I have to cook food at 6:00.

So when I Tried to sleep I Kept thinking about I have to cook food after an hour. Then I didn’t know that I was outside reality but the sound of that noisy car brought me back to reality. I wish It could happen to me again.

But there where many times when my thought controls me, for example I was in the office and I wish to sleep but I hate my Boss to see me sleeping, so I kept in my mind that I should wake up before anyone sees me, and I was automatically awoken a few seconds before someone walks on my workplace.

It was quite useful.

John B. February 28, 2012 at 2:13 pm

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are?
Have you ever wondered why the way you are determines the way you see yourself?
Have you ever wondered why the way you see yourself determines the way you see others?
Have you ever wondered why the way you see others determines your relationships?
Have you ever wondered why the way you see yourself in relationship to the other determines the degree of happiness and fulfillment that you might experience?
Have you ever wondered why the way you experience life is determined by the way you are in relationship to the way you see yourself is determined by the way you are in relationship to others?
Have you ever wondered why the way you see others is only an extension by the way in which you see yourself?
Have you ever wondered why the way you see might be filtered through your soul much like a lens?
Have you ever wondered why the way you see through a glass half full or half empty might be a reflection of the condition of your own soul made visible?
Have you ever wondered why the way you see reflection of the condition of your own soul as the results of the way in which you have either accept or reject the help of the soul feeling?
Don’t look to the soul to speak to you in words. That’s what the conscious mind does. The soul subconscious speaks to you through your body with present-moment awareness of feelings as heart.

Ezra May 18, 2013 at 8:18 am

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