End Mind Chatter And Reconnect With The Heart

by Mark Ivar Myhre on June 8, 2012


Inner peace comes from a strong connection with your heart – your true, esoteric heart.  Sadly, we’re taught to look outside ourselves to find happiness and contentment.  The idea of an invisible heart somewhere inside yourself is seen as fiction, and pursuing it seen as wistful.

Poets talk about it; lovers feel it; but for many, it’s just a fantasy.  Like unicorns and fairies.  We can talk about our true heart, but usually it’s reduced to a concept, not a living, breathing, part of our consciousness.

I’ve been lucky.  I’ve chosen to believe my inner heart really exists.  More than just believing, I’ve chosen to pursue it.

And I found something pure in an unpure world.  I found something untainted and unsoiled and unspoiled.  I found something ineffable.

And to think – this is me!  This is my goodness.  This is something I can be proud of.  Something I can be awed by.  Something I can treasure.  But it’s way more than that.

My true inner heart, rather than being some sort of nebulous concept – or perhaps a bauble to admire on the shelf – is the most real part of me that I know.  As a part of my consciousness, it has its own thoughts and feelings and desires.  Separate from mine.  My heart wants different things than I do.  It took a while for me to really let that in.  Hey, I’m still letting it in!

My heart is wiser than me.  That was another tough one to let in.  I think I’m so smart… but really… mostly I just delude myself.  My heart suffers from no delusions like I do.  It KNOWS.

It’s the seat of my consciousness. 

What does that mean? For starters, it will guide me through life if I let it.  It will show me the way.  It will help me make it through the fog.  Through all the confusion.  It will tell me when I’m on my path.  And it will tell me when I’ve strayed.

My inner heart is also the processor of emotion.

Thoughts and feelings are constantly and continuously flowing into me.  Thought energy, and feeling energy.  Out of this energy, I think and feel.  In an ideal situation, the flow will move unimpeded into my heart.  You feel everything.  You don’t judge; you just feel it as it moves through.  Whether it’s love or hate or fear or anything in between.

You feel alive, engaged, enthused.  Because you are in the flow.  You are in YOUR flow.  Even fear and anger and dread, when felt cleanly, leave you feeling more alive.

The funny thing is, I was so connected to my heart.  Even when I didn’t think I was.  I was always connected.  I didn’t want to be.  But I was anyway.  I lived with a lot of pain.  Sadly, I blamed my heart.  I assumed it was defective.

I didn’t know, back then, that pain comes from being separate from what your heart longs for.  I knew pain.  I didn’t know my heart.  We both suffered for it.

Life is quite a bit different now.  I lifted my heart off the pages of fantasy and onto the juicy passion of reality.  I finally accepted and embraced this bigger part of me.

I’m still learning a lot about my heart.  But I already know it can be the guide and anchor I need in a crazy confused world.  Chaos increases, seemingly exponentially.  Darkness abounds.  It’s hard to see clearly what’s going on here, because we’re part of the ‘set’.

We’re ‘in it’, so we can only know the world to a certain extent.  My heart – and your heart – is outside of the set.  Our hearts are not part of the madness we see all around us.

Your heart knows how to guide you through these dark times.  But if you think your heart is the stuff of fantasy, then you probably won’t be listening to its whispers.  Instead, you’ll wait for the shouts.

Here’s the problem:

There’s a part of you that does not want you to reconnect with your heart.

That’s a reality you’re going to have to confront if you wish to truly move forward.

Imagine you’re a giant.  Strong and powerful.  And on your shoulder, sits a tiny little man or woman.  A small, puny, creature.  Much less powerful than you. It sits on your shoulder and whispers into your ear all day long.  But you don’t know it’s there.

You think the voice is coming from you, but really it’s coming from a small, errant, confused and destructive part of you.  A tiny part of you.  It has no power over you, unless you give it your power.

It whispers into your ear.  Eventually, embolden by your complacency and pliability,  it no longer has to whisper.  Instead, it gets loud.  And oh, so arrogantly.  It starts to torture you.  It attempts to lead you down the wrong path.  It can ravage your life.

One of the many negative results is it keeps you from finding your own true inner heart.  But remember, it’s only tool is trickery.  That’s why I always say –

Question Your Assumptions.

Because when you do, it forces you to do your own thinking.  You become the voice, rather than just listening to an errant voice.  That’s a very important distinction.

It’s also helpful to personify the source of that mind chatter.  See it.  See it as a person or whatever else it may look like.  Get to know it.  Right now, it’s hiding in the shadows.  It wants to stay invisible.  It doesn’t want you to see how feeble it really is.

Huge changes occurred in my life once I started paying close attention to the voice of my mind chatter.  And DOING something about it!  Also, huge changes occurred once I found and reconnected with my own true heart.

And now, I’ve combined the two catalysts for change  in my latest meditation, called –

How To Get Past The Mind Chatter And Reconnect With Your True Heart

As usual, I’ve added it to the membership site, so if you’re a member, you can go listen to it or download it to your computer, if you wish.

And if you’re not yet a member, you can sign up here –


This is the meditation I wished I’d had when I was suffering from the endless mind chatter that tortured me and kept me in the dark; that kept me away from reconnecting with my heart.

Not only do I show you how to get past the mind chatter, but the meditation also guides you to find and meet and embrace and then reunite with the one part of your consciousness that can most help you, and can most use your help.

See, your heart may be the seat of your consciousness, but you are the one who ‘carries’ your heart.  You are the legs for your heart.  You are the protector and guardian of your heart.

You can carry your heart and let it be like a lantern to guide you.  You can let your heart do its job.  You just have to do YOUR job.  But if you’re going to understand your heart, then you need to go to it.  This meditation will take you there.  The rest is up to you.

The meditation is waiting for you in the membership site.  And remember, I’ve also got a bunch of other meditations to help you as well.  All at no extra cost.

I’ll show you how to get past the mind chatter and find your heart so you can sit with it.  Then, the adventure of life really begins…

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